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 Hive Military

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PostSubject: Hive Military   Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:23 pm

By rank, the Hive Military is divided into three parts: Polemarch ---> Princess ---> Military. In doing so the Hive keeps itself organized with Military doing the dirty work, Princesses ordering Military segments, and the Polemarch ordering the Princesses. This creates a unified fighting force which can adjust itself easily to the situation.

The Polemarch is the title given to a pre-chosen Princess before a battle. The Polemarch is given the duty of ordering the Princesses either vaguely or specifically. If thought of like a game a chess, she is the player. Polemarch's are chosen before every battle and their title will often be stripped once their task has been completed.

The Princesses in the Military are well trained in tactics and strategy. They are expected to carry out orders from a Polemarch without question, as they always do. They order and control Military Ahlgren using the telepathic powers they possess. If thought of like a game of chess, they are the pieces.

Military Ahlgren:
By the vary way their body is composed they are meant for battle. They are 3-4 times the size of a Worker Ahlgren most of which is muscle. They also, like Princesses, have wings. They have larger brains than a Worker Ahlgren too. Their brain power is largely due to memory. They are able to carry out complex orders from a Princess precisely and do it with a quickness. Another advantage of their memory is they are able to drive all different types of vehicles, planes, and spacecraft. Military Ahlgren are the actual fighting force which go out to fight selflessly for the Hive.

Military Divisions

The Military itself is divided into two parts: Planetary and Space. The former is the combination of land, sea, air, and orbital forces. The latter is the entire Hive Fleet.

The Planetary forces are made up mostly of orbital and air with land and sea coming in after.

The Orbital Forces are defensive forces on Hive worlds. They are most often small MAC stations that can fire on enemy ships in a system. There are, however, large space stations that have much deadlier weapons such as Proton Colliders, Proton Missiles, Lasers, Particle Beams, and much more. This makes any Hive planet a deadly weapon against invaders.

Air is the largest planetary invasion force. This is largely due to the fact that Military Ahlgren often attack from the air. Most of the planes used are bombers however there are Superiority Fighters and carriers.

The Land force is the next deadly tool of the Planetary forces. Here heavy support vehicles dominate. These support vehicles are almost exclusively life support/medical, fuel, Surface-Air defenses (Missile and Laser). After that are the siege vehicles. The Siege vehicles are large metal beasts which cripple everything in their path. They are the MAC tanks, Particle Tanks, and long-range Artillery.

Sea: A lesser part of the Planetary forces, the Sea forces take on support roles. These roles are deployment of aircraft and long range bombardment.

The Space forces are where the Hive power source lies. Hive Spacecraft have a wide range of uses from carriers to dreadnoughts. Each has a specific purpose that works with the rest to make a well organized fighting force. However there are triats which all spacecraft share. Larger spacecraft possess Slipspace capabilities while only a few smaller ones can. All large spacecraft have orbital bombardment capabilities. Smaller support craft like fighters and bombers have high speed Sub-light propulsion.

More coming soon!

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PostSubject: Re: Hive Military   Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:18 pm


Terrestrial Super MAC
Although not actually orbiting a planet, these Super MACs are placed on small moons or asteroids where gravity has little effect on them. They are much more hidden than the other oribitals, but they have a limited firing range. This is sometimes compensated for by placing the Super MACs strategically across the asteroid/moon or by placing large fields of them in one spot to make it more deadly.

Orbital MAC
These are the most common form of Orbital defense for a planet. They are designed to be operated remotely and rotate to fire on their target.

Small Defense Station
These stations are the next most common piece of Orbital defense. These are also MACs that have a small team running them. In addition they have Shrapnel and Laser defenses to destroy incoming fire.

Large Defense Station
These are the main defense stations in orbit around a planet. There main weapon is the Super MAC which is the large tower part of their structure. In addition to this they have a full arsenal of weapons ranging from a Proton Collider to Particle beams with much much more.


Superiority Fighter
This jet is equipped with heavy bullet rounds, missiles, and a Laser to defend itself with. They are small, fast, and highly deadly and easily terrorize enemy aircraft.

Terrestrial Bomber
This Bomber can be equipped with a wide array of different bombs, these can be small bombs for smaller targets or can be something on the scale of a Proton Bomb, depends on the situation. The bomber itself has strong armor and is quite fast, but it lacks a laser defense system and is usually dependent on ground SA defenses to protect it.

Terrestrial Carrier
This carrier is designed for transporting heavy vehicles from high atmosphere to ground or to transport large numbers of troops to the ground or air. They have several flak cannons with many Laser turrets to defend itself.


These small vehicles can easily manuever themselves into most terrain and get medical attention to the military. The small pod can hold about 10 soldiers. It has no defenses or weapons.

Laser Surface-Air Defense
This vehicle is specifically designed to elminate enemy missile and bomb threats using its high power laser.

Missile Surface-Air Defense
This vehicle is specifically designed to eliminate enemy aircraft from the ground using its many missiles.

MAC Tank
This metal beast is the anti-structure unit of the land forces. Using its MAC it devestates all structures and vehicles, although the MAC is better used on buildings since they require the heavier bombardment when vehicles can be crippled by weaker weapons.

Particle Beam Tank
This Tank is designed specifically to take out other vehicles. While a particle beam isnt very effective against structures, it works marvelously against other ground vehicles. If the gunner is skilled enough he may even be able to take out aircraft.

Mobile Artillery
The mobile artillery usually go unused unless the Hive is sieging an enemy city. In which case, these stay far away firing their mortars and missiles. These artillery units are unique because move themselves around either by remote or pilot, then when ready to fire, push their body into the air because the body of the vehicle is the barrel itself.


Support Ship
This ship is multi-purposed and is always in a support role. The ship supports about a hundred aircraft, has long range missiles and several hospitals on board. Soldiers can be flown in to use the hospitals.

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Hive Military
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