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 Altayrian Military

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PostSubject: Altayrian Military   Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:16 pm

OOC: Yes, I still do not have pictures. I am picky.
54,301,000 <- Military size, roughly 1.3% of the population.

The Altayrian military is comprised of 54.3 million soldiers. 35% of this is in the Ground Command, while the rest is distributed to the Air Command and the Space Command.

Ground Command
The 35% of the Altayrian Military. The bulk of this is the standard light Infantry while being complemented by Defense Infantry, Medics, Recon, Snipers, Artillery and Mobile Assault Bases(pretty word for big tank).

Ground Commandant - General
Ground Commander - Lt. General
Ranger Commandant - Colonel
Ranger Commander - Lt. Colonel
Ranger Commando - Lieutenant
*Specialist - Specialist
Ranger - Sergeant
Marine - Private

Unit Info


Name Role
Weapon: Weapon/Ammo, Secondary
Armor: Armor
Gear: Grenades/Medkits/etc.
Technique: Abilities, Equipment that gives the ability

Battery (Ammunition)

Light Armor
Heavy Armor

Ghost A1 Light Frontline Infantry
Bulk of the Command, formed with several classes (Regular, Sniper, Anti-Armor, Engineer, Pyro)
, Commando Pistol
Armor: A1 Snowflake Armor
Rocketeer Padding
Snow Holocamo
Hazard Addon
Engineer Helm

Gear: EMP Grenades(3), MA1 Grenades(2), Engineer; TNT(4) Longbarrel(3)
Technique: Engineer Class: Repair, Fusion Cutter

Ghost B1 Heavy Sentry Infantry
Heavy Weapons, usually cannot assault when mobile
Weapon: Heavy Shredder Machinegun/200|400, Commando Pistol
Armor: A3 Snowflake Armor
Gear: -
Technique: -

Ghost C1 Assault Special Forces
Special Forces branch "Sniper Bullet"
Weapon: M3 SMG, Commandant Pistol
Armor: C4 Breacher Armor
Gear: Explosive Charge (1), Pocket Grenade (4)
Technique: Speed, Anti-Gravity Boots

Ghost C2 Recon Special Forces
Special Forces branch "Shadow Recon"
Weapon: M3 SMG, Commandant Pistol
Armor: C4 Black Armor
Gear: Portable Mine (2), Pocket Grenade (4)
Technique: Hidden to Sensors, The Blindfold

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PostSubject: Re: Altayrian Military   Sat May 26, 2012 2:32 am

~Wraiths are the nickname of the Altayrian Air Cavalry



Eagle Mk. I
~Primary fighter of the Wraiths.
#5,000, P# 10,000
Primary: Bolt Laser Gun x2
Secondary: Ripper Missile (10)
Plating: Ferunid Plating

Hawk Mk. I
~Less common fighter. Used for sweeping/anti-air raids
#2,500, P#5,000
Primary: Greekfire Missile (14)
Secondary: Minigun
Plating: Ferunid Plating

Nightingale Mk. IV @
~Primary space deployed fighter.
#5,000, P#10,000
Primary: Bolt Laser Gun x2
Secondary: Bolt Laser Gun x2
Plating: Ferunid-Xeno Alloy Plating

Oak Bomber Mk. III
~Primary bomber
#2,500, P#10,000
Primary: Implode Bombs X 20
Secondary: Manned Gunpods X2
Plating: Corunim Plating

Hollow Bomber Mk. IV @
~Bomber used to destroy battleships from the inside.
#2,500, P#10,000
Primary: Driller Bombs X 10
Secondary: Manned Gunpods X 2
Plating: Corunim-Xeno Alloy Plating

Draco Battleship @
~Primary battleship with a smooth hull. All weapons are hidden inside the alloy until used. Making it seem like a defense-less ship. Capable of Stealth
#30, P# 1,000
Primary: Cutterbeam X 10 (Continuous)
Secondary: Laserbeam X 40
Plating: Corunim-Xeno Alloy Plating Reinforced

Prototype Battleship "Snow Tiger" @
~Prototype Ship. In progress.
#1, P# 10,000
Primary: Prototype Beam X 50
Secondary: Prototype Anti-Air Guns X 100
Plating: Prototype Reinforced Alloy
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Altayrian Military
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