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 OrdenReich Ranks and Military specialization

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PostSubject: OrdenReich Ranks and Military specialization   Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:58 pm

Order Ranks from the Top:

Heads of the Order:
Hochmeister (Leader of the whole Order)
OrdenMarshall (Successor to the Hochmeister, oldest child of the Hochmeister)
Order Komtur (Military Head of the Order, Part of the Higher Council)
Order Head Scribe (Trade and knowledge head of the Order, Part of the Higher Council)
Order Agentur (Head of Intellegence, Part of the Higher Council)

Ranks of the Order:

Knight Commander (Top Command in the Military, answers only to the Higher Council, OrdenMarshall, and Hochmeister, Head Administrator of Order province assigned to him, all Knight Commanders are part of the Lower Council)
Order Captain (Commands the individual divisions in the military, answers to the Knight Commander, Head Administrator of colonial provinces)
Order Lieutenant (Commands the Legions of a Division, answers to the Order Captain in charge of his division, Head Administrator of colonial outposts until they are recognized as colonial provinces)
Order Sergeant (Commands Squads of knights in a legion, answers to the Order Lieutenant)
Order Knight (Soldiers in the Teutonic Army, all units despite their specialization are considered this class)
Order Squire (Soldiers in training for the Teutonic Army, apprenticed to a Knight or Paladin)

Skill Ranks of the Order:

Reich Guard (Best of the best in the Teutonic Order, considered the special forces of the Teutonic Order)
Paladins (Veterans in the Order that have proven their meddle, considered the standard elite in the military)
Knights (Standard soldier in the military, seen enough combat to not be considered green)
Man-At-Arms (Green soldiers in the military)

The Ordenreich has only recently began a space fleet. As of such the Ordenreich has spent its time since first arriving on Livenstein about 400 (maybe more) years ago building its land military. As of such because of centuries built on military division and half of the Ordenreich's economy going into defense the Ordenreich has an incredibly powerful land military. The land military as of this point is offset by its space fleet. The Ordenreich has had no reason till now to build a military space fleet. Now with contact made with other races the Ordenreich is devoting 3/4 of its defense spending from land to space military research. While this means the Ordenreich can start building a space fleet quickly the fleet still only consists of a few ships and the Ordenreich has no knowledge of space fleet military tactics. This is being corrected currently with the Ordenreich sending its few ships to combat zones to research different species' weapons and tactics but the effects of this research won't be felt for awhile yet.
Update 9/28/12
The Ordenreich has devoted a large portion of its military spending to its space fleet. This combined with the advancements brought on by other space faring species and the extreme isolationist policy of the Ordenreich, the Ordenreich has a powerful and relatively unknown space fleet consisting of around 200 ships of various classes and designations. The Ordenreich has concluded that more ships are necessary to defend its people, planets, and interests and continues to build its fleet and build appropriate colonies to sustain it.
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Posts : 688
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Age : 27
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PostSubject: Re: OrdenReich Ranks and Military specialization   Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:14 am

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OrdenReich Ranks and Military specialization
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