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 Writ of the Ordenreich

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PostSubject: Writ of the Ordenreich   Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:10 pm

Writ of the Ordenreich

All species are created equal and the Order will defend that right from other spacefarers to our dying breath

1. The Ordenreich will not make first contact with non-spacefaring species. We will study them but make no contact until they themselves join the galactic community.

2. The Ordenreich will not interfere in the affairs of non-spacefaring species even in species made extinction  events.

3. The Ordenreich considers interference by other spacefaring nations in the affairs of non spacefaring nations or pre-colonial spaceflight species as wrong and will intervene on the non spacefaring species behalf be it by diplomacy or military affairs.

4. In the event of interference by spacefaring species on non spacefaring species or pre-colonial spaceflight species. The Ordenreich will do everything possible to keep them ignorant of the events that transpire. If it is impossible to hide the events from the non spacefaring race then the Ordenreich will attempt to initiate contact and ease their transition into the galactic community.


Hochmeister Micah von Guelderlaand
OrdenMarshall Thomas von Danzig Nova
Paladin Komtur Heinrich von Kassel
Paladin Komtur John von Livenstein
Paladin Komtur Konrad von New Riga
Paladin Komtur Albrecht von New Prussia
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Writ of the Ordenreich
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