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 Codex of Armed Forces of the Ordenreich Hierarchy

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PostSubject: Codex of Armed Forces of the Ordenreich Hierarchy   Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:50 am

Codex of the Armed Forces of the Ordenreich Hierarchy

Fur Den Auftrag

Branches of the Order

The Order Knights

The Order Knights are the workforce main infantry forces of the Ordenreich. Order Knights are trained from recruitment to learn all around skills in both military and survival techniques. While this makes the Order Knights fairly average all around in military situations they are trained to handle all situations making them the most versatile force in the Hierarchy forces. For general ground offensives and defense of Ordenreich colonies this force is the goto force.

The Order Knight:

"Bunkers and Badasses"

Theme Music:

The Order Paladins

The elite and most deployed force in the Ordenreich. Like the Order Knights, the Paladins are trained in all areas of combat and survival but the Paladins are given additional training to fight in all conditions both on the ground and in space. That is why the Paladins fill almost all combat roles beyond simple guard and offensive duty. They fight in counter boarding, boarding, tactical insertion, battlefield subterfuge and sabotage, etc. This force is the poster image of the Ordenreich and probably the most well known of the Ordenreich's forces among its alien neighbors.

The Order Paladins:

"We fight so that future generations might live, and our legend will grow"

Theme Music:

The Order Centurions

When heavy firepower is needed but also mobility the Ordenreich calls in the Centurions. These soldiers are some of the biggest, most heavily armored, and most heavily armed soldiers in the Ordenreich. Their premium Armageddon-6 battle armor is designed to be practically infantry tank armor. It gives these soldiers enhanced strength as well as shields and good armor which means these infantry act more like human tanks then actual infantry. Whenever the Ordenreich needs a position taken that tanks and other armored support can't get to, these guys are up.

The Order Centurions:

"No Talking, Just Punching"

Theme Music:

The Arcanii Network

When the Black Order rebelled against the Ordenreich, the Ordenreich knew that it would always need an intelligence and black ops force to protect its interests. The Ordenreich built the Arcanii Network which operated just as the Black Order did but with much more supervision from the Ordenreich government to prevent another near coup. The Arcanii Network handles are black ops and intel operations both inside and out of the Ordenreich. The Arcanii Network possesses all the Ordenreich's stealth frigates and uses them to keep tabs on the Ordenreich's neighbors and monitor deep space for potential threats. The stealth frigates are the Ordenreich's greatest threat when it comes to indirect warfare. The frigate can remain cloaked and behind enemy lines for weeks and carries a large payload of Arcanii Knights, Nocturnal Tactical Nuclear Mines, and (when the situation requires it) Black Hole Special Operations Legionnaires. The Nocturnal nuke is the greatest threat to ships as the payload can remain benign and floating in space completely undetectable and quickly armed and fired within 20 seconds making the stealth frigate capable of deploying practically invisible nuclear minefields in space.

The Arcanii Network:

"Abandon Hope All Ye Who Draw Our Eye"

Theme Song:

The Order Pioneers

For all intents and purposes the Pioneers are privateers in the service of the Ordenreich. The Pioneers draw its manpower from Ordenreich criminals who choose military service over prison, dishonored Knights, Paladins, Centurions, and Arcanii who choose to continue serving in the Pioneers to avoid the death sentence, psychopaths who are considered sane enough to serve, and volunteers from the regular military (though its very rare as the Pioneers are considered the lowest position you can achieve in the military and still be in it and also a military career ender). This group of scum is kept together by Ordenreich officers who are willing and able to do whatever it takes to achieve the goals of the Ordenreich and will show no sympathy or remorse for their actions. The Pioneers actions are not sanctioned by the Ordenreich government and although they take orders from the Ordenreich, get supplied by them, and follow Ordenreich ranking systems they are not part of the Ordenreich officially. Normally Pioneers are kept in the dark corners of the Ordenreich usually used in anti-piracy duty. It is rare they are deployed to interact with alien neighbors as every encounter is almost guarenteed to either end in a shooting fight or a shot to the Ordenreich's reputation. When wartime comes the Pioneers are usually sacrificed early on to provide time for the regular armed forces to prepare.

The Order Pioneers:

Light the Fuses, B*TCHES! We're ready to BLOW!"

Theme Song:
>Redacted due to heavy use of profanity, references to killing alien neighbors and certain ethnicities, and excessively graphic torture techniques<

Notable Units within Ordenreich military branches

Black Hole Special Operations Legion

Arcanii Network Unit

The best of the best and armed and armored with the most highly expensive and highly classified weapons and armor the Ordenreich has, the Black Hole Legion is perhaps the most feared group of soldiers in the Ordenreich's arsenal . Normally attached to Arcanii Network stealth ships these soldiers excel at boarding and counter boarding operations and their equipment allows them to perform feats that are impossible for the rank and file.

Black Hole Legion:

"We go in, only we come out"

Theme Song:

Ordenreich Biotika Korps

Arcanii Network Experimental Warfare

A very new and unusual part of the Ordenreich military. After years of working with Element Zero it has been discovered that mothers exposed to the element while pregnant can adversely infect the embryo with the element. While not lethal, exposure at this young stage has granted the infant almost supernatural abilities. These abilities or "biotics" allow the person to reduce matter to a mass of zero through the use of Eezo, much like an organic method to how Eezo in Ordenreich ship engines reduces the mass of the ship to zero to accelerate it through slipspace, the ability to reduce mass to zero combined with training and focus allow the person infected to launch objects or biotic powers at hyper fast speeds and lift objects, including people, off the ground with no effort. These abilities have been experimented and put to the test in the military to great effect. There are only 97 known people in the Ordenreich with biotics and they have all been trained in the new art of biotic warfare. These soldiers make up the newest addition to the Ordenreich arsenal, the Biotika Korps.

Biotika Korps:

Mind over Matter!

Theme Song:

Heaven's Darkriders

Order Paladins Unit

Originally part of one of the Ordenreich's pre-unity air forces this force started out as paratroopers for the Directorate of Arensburg, a military dictatorship on Livenstein. After the defeat and annexation of the Directorate by the Ordenreich's predecessor, the Hierarchy of Konigsburg, the Darkriders were made auxiliary troops for Konigsburg's armies where they made a name for themselves and were eventually made the Ordenreich's paratrooper force. After the advent of spaceflight, colonies, and first contact the Heaven's Darkriders were ordered to be retrained as troopers deployed from drop pods launched from ships in orbit. This new training allowed the Darkriders to remain a relevant and effective force in the Ordenreich's military. While dropping from transport in atmosphere is an archaic concept in the age of space combat they Darkriders keep it in their training program for those rare moments that it becomes necessary. Whether its through the air or from orbit these soldiers can and will get deployed behind enemy lines to cause problems for the enemy.

Heaven's Darkriders:

"In the Darkness, Where You Least Expect It, We Will Strike"

Theme Song:

Fleet Ships of the Ordenreich


Designed for light reconnaissance duty and pinprick attacks the frigate engages ships in groups of three or fours with the purpose of wearing out the ships shields and destroying it. They also comb the outside of fleet engagements to attack and destroyed any damaged ships that try to flee. They are lightly armed, armored, and shielded but extremely quick and versatile.

Order Frigate:


As the name suggests the Destroyer is a front line hard hitter designed to take large amounts of damage and dish it right back. The Destroyer is slow and not very maneuverable but its hull is extremely thick, so much so that the space to move in a destroyer is really cramped. The destroyer also packs an insane amount of weapons so it can take on just about any ship in an enemy's fleet.

Order Destroyer:

Stealth Frigates

While the design of the Stealth frigate is nearly identical to its frigate counterparts, the stealth frigate does have some key changes. First and most obvious the stealth frigate comes with a cloaking device that uses the ships engines to keep powered and allows for near perfect invisibility. The stealth frigate can only safely be used for 10 hours before heat caches (used to store the heat generated by the engine that would normally be vented to space but captured so the heat doesn't give away the ships position) begin to overload causing heat from the engines to spill into the engineering deck which can kill the crew. A stealth frigate must vent its heat every 10 hours. Another change is the size of the stealth frigate is half that of the frigate which was already small. This change allows the profile of the stealth frigate to be minimized allowing for less risk in accidental bumping with other ships when in close proximity.

Order Stealth Frigate:


The Carrier has only one function, to carry and deploy hundreds of fighters-bombers for the Ordenreich's fleets. While a point defense system is present on the carrier, the carrier is largely defenseless and requires other ships and its fighter-bombers to aid its defense. The carrier is almost as long as the dreadnought and its shape closely resembles old naval aircraft carriers.

Order Carrier:


The main heavy hitter of all Ordenreich fleets, the most common command vessel of any fleet, and the most recognized symbol of the Ordenreich fleet to its neighbors the Dreadnought is the main workhorse of the Ordenreich. Its the largest main battleship of the Ordenreich navy and comes bristling with cannons, point defense systems, an top of the line armor and shields. The Dreadnoughts have only two weaknesses: overwhelming swarms of fighter-bombers or another dreadnought or neighbor equivalent.

Order Dreadnought:


There are very few in the Ordenreich's Navy and are the single most expensive thing on the military budget but they are the most feared weapon in the Ordenreich entire history both current and past. The Ultra-Dreadnought stands at a whopping 28.960 kilometers long, 11.447 kilometers wide, and 3.563 kilometers tall. Its one of the biggest ships the Ordenreich has ever built but its strength lies not in its size  but its devastating arsenal. The Ultra-dreadnought has the convential firepower, armor, and shields of three normal dreadnoughts but also carries the most devastating weapon in the Ordenreich arsenal, the FOAB. FOAB, which stands for Fusion Ordinance Astro Bomb or Father of all Bombs, can only be fired from a special launcher called a slipspace launcher that is present only on ultra-dreadnoughts. The slipspace launcher sends the FOAB into slipspace which then reexits close to the enemy fleet formation. This is meant to minimize the enemy's ability to destroy the FOAB midflight an maximize damage to the whole fleet. The FOAB carries a 1.2 Petaton yield (1,200,000,000 Megatons) and is capable of destroying entire planets. Because of this the knowledge of the FOAB is a closely guarded secret and its use is kept strictly to ultra-dreadnoughts. Because of the insane firepower of the ultra-dreadnought plus its cost, the ultra-dreadnought count is kept at no more than 15 at a time.

Ultra Dreadnought:

Archangel Fighter-Bomber

The main, all-around, fighter bomber of the Ordenreich Fleets. This fighter can have its loadout be anti-fighter missiles or anti-ship bombs. The Archangel can also fly in space or atmosphere giving the largest flexibility to the fighter. The Archangel is designed to be a universally available fighter that can allow the Ordenreich to dominate the air or space anywhere in the galaxy.


Special Notes and Quirks in Ordenreich Forces

This list is a list of notable quotes from various members of the Ordenreich Armed Forces to better understand the attitude of the branches.

"Alot of people have been asking why our helmets bleep our cussing all the f*ckin time... THE ORDENREICH WIRED OUR HELMETS WITH A DIGITAL CENSOR SO WE CAN'T SAY STUFF LIKE SH*T, C*CK, OR P*SSY F*CKIN' D*CKBALLS! THATS HALF OUR F*CKIN' VOCABULARY, IT'S GODDAMN BULLSH*T!" -Order Pioneer to Field Reporter, Aesonia-4

"PUNCH HIM SO HARD HE EXPLODES!" -Order Centurion to comrade when engaging pirate forces

"Bullets are too expensive to waste on you, but I'll gladly kick your ass for free." -anonymous Order Knight

"Someone once said that one bullet could solve a problem... well brother with this gun I can solve 600 problems a minute" -anonymous Order Paladin

"Why are the alien woman in the other nations so uptight all the time? I mean look at the Centauri! They're human like us! Some of the woman there are pretty damn hot especially those Gaia's Stepdaughters chicks... but they always look like they will kill you for staring I wonder if... what? A man can dream right?" -anonymous Heaven's Darkriders knight

"This is my Typhoon heavy assault rifle, standard for every Centurion. She weighs 150 kilograms and fires $200 custom-tooled cartridges at 10,000 rounds per minute. It costs $400,000 to fire this weapon...for 12 seconds." -Order Imperator to field reporter, Kurok-2

"Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe… I've yet to meet one that can outsmart a bullet." -Order Centurion to field reporter, New Hamburg

Black Hole Special Operations Classes and Loadouts:

Order Imperator

Armor: O-1 Ballistic Power Armor (Features: Hardened Titanium Flex Armor (protects users from most small arms weapons fire and most armor piercing assault rifles and pistols), Cobra SAM shoulder mounted missile launcher (auto locking heat seeking missile launcher that will fire on any forces that come within range that are designated by the suit wearer, five missiles per loading), T5-V overpower program aka Devastator Mode (power armor is locked in more stiffly by computers allowing for better protection and better aiming for users at the cost of decreased mobility, unofficially referred to as "Tank Mode" by users)

Weapons: M-75 Typhoon Light Machine Gun (LMG equipped with blast shield for added protection and 130 round thermal clip), H-23 Piranha Combat Shotgun (Fully automatic shotgun equipped with 10 round thermal clip)

Overlord Paladin

Armor: P-8 Titanium Armor (upgraded version of the P-7 Titanium Armor used commonly by Ordenreich Paladins) (Features: C-56 Integrated Cyro Thrower, fires a burst of liquid nitrogen at enemies to incapacitate for easy kill or capture, Kinetic arm mounted energy shield, drawing power from the user's armor the user can deploy a shield capable of stopping high velocity projectiles)

Weapons: M-23 Valkyrie Assault Rifle, upgraded varient of the standard issue M-20 Vindicator Assault Rifle used by Ordenreich Paladins, like its counterpart the Valkyrie fires a five round burst and has a 40 round thermal clip but unlike the Vindicator its design allows user much better control while firing while also providing increased armor piercing capability, X-14 Eagle Pistol (upgraded varient of standard X-4 predator pistol used by Ordenreich Knights the X-14 has better firepower and is more lightweight

Black Dwarf infiltrator

Armor: W-2 Light Stealth Armor (Leather Armor treated with Refined Element Zero, the armor is very lightweight and strong enough to shrug off some weapons fire) (Features: Z-88 Katana Blade, Old Samurai styled katana with blade sharpened using precision lasers, Katana is capable of cutting titanium, Camouflage Mode, Element Zero components in Leather combined with suit electronics allow for user to blend in with their background providing near perfect invisibility)

Weapons: R-31 Black Widow Silenced Sniper Rifle, Silenced Sniper rifle with armor piercing capability that could destroy most tanks it has a three round thermal clip and comes with a built in silencer for long range stealth kills, K-12 Tempest SMG, fully automatic submachine gun with a 60 round thermal clip and built in silencer

Order Specialist Engineer

Armor: P-8 Titanium Armor, see Overlord Paladin Armor for details. (Features: Cyro Thrower and Shield are removed. Replaced with 4 Anti-tech EMP grenades and 4 Anti-Armor Molten Grenades and a A-1 Supply Pylon carrying enough supplies to fully resupply every different class in the Black Hole Spec Ops 4 times over)

Weapons: R-50 Valiant Sniper Rifle, 3 round clip sniper rifle built for high rate of fire, decent armor piercing capability, and easy access thermal clip loader for faster reloading, H-300 Claymore Shotgun, 1 round thermal clip shotgun that packs all its firepower into one shot that instantly drains the thermal clip the Claymore is extremely heavy and fires so heavily that its one of the few shotguns in the Ordenreich's arsenal that is considered to have complete armor piercing capability to rival that of most of it's sniper rifles

This Codex is subject to revision and adding at any time

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Codex of Armed Forces of the Ordenreich Hierarchy
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