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 The OrdenReich

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PostSubject: The OrdenReich   Thu May 17, 2012 3:37 am

The OrdenReich for all intents and purposes are the break off form of the Sacaen Teutonic Order. While the majority of the Order fled through the well known stargate that was in their lands to Earth, the exploration fleets they sent to explore Celtic Lands were left behind because contact could not be made. These exploration fleets got together shortly after the Order abandoned the Celtic Lands and started to held back to the Isthmus of Prussia so they too could flee to Earth. Along the way however a super storm caused by the Celtic Lands deteriorating atmosphere caused the ships to be blown off course and get beached on an undiscovered land in the Celtic Lands. On this new land the exploration fleet found a new stargate that was inactive. Using data discovered from the Teutonic stargate back in their homeland they managed to activate the gate and pass through before the Celtic Lands fell apart. This stargate, however, was not activated properly by the knights of the exploration fleet and as the knights passed through the gate instead of being instantly transported to another planet like the one on their homeland they were sent to the planet and also sent back in time by hundreds of years. These knights now lived on another planet while earth was still in the industrial era of the early 1800s. The Teutonic Knights were very few in number and carried little from their beached ships back in the Celtic Lands but what technology they did carry allowed for the Knights to thrive and ensure continued genetic diversity among their numbers so their society could survive and grow. To leader of the exploration fleet, Knight Commander Jager, assumed the role of Hochmeister of the Order and ordered the destruction of the stargate they came through. His opinion of the stargates was that they brought nothing but distruction and misery upon the Order. Though this sect of the Order managed to survive and grow they deviated greatly from their brothers that would eventually resettle back on earth. For one this Order sect decided that instead of a Hochmeister and Ordenmarshall being decided by a Teutonic Council the Hochmeister would be a hereditary bloodline with the Ordenmarshall being the heir and eldest born of the Hochmeister be it male or female. The Order also changed its name to reflect this change, instead of being called the Sacaen Teutonic Order this new sect of the Order would be called the OrdenReich or Order Empire in their language. The Teutonic Council was initially downgraded to an advisory role for the Hochmeister but that changed as the Order's number grew on their new homeworld of Livenstein. The Teutonic Council would be divided into two half's; the Higher Council which would be made up of the traditional Paladin Komturs who would serve as advisors to the Hochmeister and the defense council in times of war or crises, and the Lower Council which was made up of elected individuals from each province on New Prussia. The OrdenReich built upon the technological advances of their ancestors of the Celtic Lands and by the time the galaxy timeline caught up with them New Prussia had been completely settled and developed and space exploration was in full swing. The OrdenReich had fully developed mining operations on the planets in their solar system and, as of one month ago, developed their very first FTL drive. The OrdenReich was now about to join the beauties and hazards of an intergalatic community.
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The OrdenReich
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