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 The Gorgon Syndrome

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PostSubject: Re: The Gorgon Syndrome   Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:19 am

(OOC: Posted a summary in National News so you can move on from this RP if you wish. Any gaps I left you can fill in as you see fit Heraklea)
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PostSubject: Re: The Gorgon Syndrome   Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:08 am

Fleet Admiral Finley Haywood, Commanding Officer, Seventh Expeditionary Fleet, Heraklean State Navy looked out from his flagship's observation deck.  Construction ships of the Heraklean Corps of Engineers scurried about constructing the new space station.  Of the many hastily being constructed stations across Terevorum, it was arguable that most important was the soon to be christened HNSS Teutoburg in Augusta Terevorum itself.  But if not most important, certainly a close second would be the station Finley was watching be constructed.

HNSS Blackwatch was being built in a system that had no native population even before the devastation wrought by Gorgon within the Old Ordenreich.  There were precious few resources to make the worlds of the system valuable, though survey teams were already evaluating the planets for potential terraformation.  If the worlds could begin producing crops, and even perhaps support livestock, that would offset the difficulties it was already would become apparent in resupplying such an out of the way station, though out of way is something of a misstatement.  In point of fact, Blackwatch was very much in the way, lying directly on a least time course between the nearest Black Order system and the Terevorum Directorate.  This station way out on the edge of Terevorum space was potentially the first trip wire in a Black Order invasion, but just as importantly provided what would likely be the jump off point for a Heraklean invasion of the Black Order.  Certainly that was one reason to keep his fleet, assembled specifically for foreign adventures.

Still, Finley couldn't help but wonder why the Chief of State was delaying a fresh offensive.  His fleet was already back in fighting shape and there were plenty of other expeditionary fleets that could be called up to support an offensive.  By delaying, the Black Order was gaining time to consolidate control over their space and strengthen their hand.  What was it that he hoped to gain while waiting?

* * * * *

“Hello Doctor, welcome to Thoth Station.  I am Commander Cavenaugh and-”

“Please spare me the pleasantries, Commander.  I am not here out of any great love for Heraklea.  It just so happens that you seem to be the only ones who still have the strength of will to fight those whores' sons in the Black Order.  That is the only reason I am giving you FOAB technology, and likely dooming myself to forever be branded a traitor by my people.  As it is likely all the same to you, I would prefer to just get straight to work.”

“Of course, Doctor.  This is the way to the FOAB labs.  Do you have an estimate on a working prototype?”

“A week and a half to get your prototype.  A month from now we should have every last kink worked out and be ready for mass production.  At that point it is all up to you.”

* * * * *

“If the physicist is accurate with his time-line,” said High Admiral Ida, “we should be ready for a fresh offensive in three months.   The War College is already making the operations plans and plenty of contingencies for any scenario.  Those will all be ready to go within the month and be updated as things behind the Black Line develop.”

“I've already started rebuilding my networks in those sectors,” reported High Admiral Dvorak.  “The War College will be kept apprised of all occurrences.  Several of my more ambitious operatives are putting in proposals for sabotage campaigns to keep the Black Order off balance.”

“Good,” said Grand Admiral Kirrin.  “Green light any sabotage campaigns that you think can reasonably by carried out, but bear in mind that our chief concern is intelligence.”  He leaned back in his chair.  “This is working out a lot better than I feared when the Black Order succeeded in seizing those systems.  If there is no other business, I'll let you all get back to your respective responsibilities.”  With that he dismissed the Joint Chiefs, though signaled for the head of the HIS to remain.  “Roger, the discovery of those old Gorgon files in Silesia Nova raises some troubling questions about how long the Black Order has actually been aware of us and our goings on.  It isn't to interfere with other operations, but I want you to have someone look into what they really know and how long they have.”

“Yes sir.”

* * * * *

The woman continued her work out.  There was nothing in her cell for any kind of proper training, but there was sufficient space for her to practice her katas and she knew plenty of exercises to maintain her muscles.  The Black Order, as these thugs called themselves, had stopped bothering to ask her questions.  Last year they briefly began attempting to interrogate her again, but the ease with which she pulled information out of the interrogators' heads again put a stop to it. Though short, those interviews had allowed her to steal important pieces of intel, in particular the lay out of this facility.  Her plan had been formed in her head during her long meditation sessions.  Now all that was left was to wait for the moment her captors screwed up and gave her her chance to escape.

It would take a while, but she would see Kirburg again.
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The Gorgon Syndrome
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