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 Summary of Gorgon War events (Post Silesia Nova)

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PostSubject: Summary of Gorgon War events (Post Silesia Nova)   Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:18 am

Archive access granted

SUBJECT: Chronicle of events of the Gorgon War, Post Silesia Nova cure.

>Following the Ordenreich's defeat at Silesia Nova by the numerically superior Black Order. Heraklean strike team operating with Arcanii Network Black Hole Legionnaire, Crusader-34, find and discover old Black Order notes on a cure for the Gorgon Syndrome. It was discovered that the Eezo which was present in the Crusader's blood prevented Gorgon fungal spores from thriving inside the host killing them and keeping the host alive. Using Crusader-34, the Heraklean strike team synthesizes a cure for Gorgon syndrome and leaves the base

>Ordenreich and Black Order ground forces fight each other to a stalemate. Despite having the numbers advantage and orbital supremacy, the Black Order could not beat their adversaries in straight up fights due to Ordenreich advances in ground warfare. Black Order decides to let the Ordenreich forces rot on the ground and starts a siege of the planet.

>Capital Dreadnought, Ritter Fallen, scrounges up a meagre amount of reinforcements and attempts to breakthrough the Silesia Nova blockade. All attempts fail.

>Crusader-34 reveals a top secret Black Order doomsday device they were developing before their exile. Device uses insane amounts of element zero to create and artificial black hole on the planet. This new weapon was intended to wipe out entire systems hence why the Black Order committed so many forces to Silesia Nova.

>Heraklean ground team triggers Black Hole bomb to disrupt the Black Order fleet and attempt an escape. Ritter Fallen, with its massive size and engine power, is able to withstand the expanding black hole long enough to extract Heraklean ground team and Crusader-34 from the planet's surface. Ordenreich reinforcement fleet, Ritter Fallen, Heraklean ground team, and Crusader-34 escape planet. Silesia Nova destroyed along with entire Black Order fleet, their ground forces, and the Ordenreich ground crews who stayed behind to buy time.

>Black Order offensive crippled with the successful introduction of Gorgon cure to the galaxy and loss of their main fleet at Silesia Nova. Black Order placed on defensive after Heraklea invades Black Order controlled Ordenreich space.

>In an effort to get the Ordenreich back on its feet, the surviving members of the General Assembly, and the Order Admirals of the Ultra-Dreadnoughts reform the Ordenreich government. With the hierarchy destroyed, the government was rebuilt from the ground up. This new government was now called the Sacaen Imperium. 3/4 of the remaining Ordenreich military and almost all of the civilian population accept this new government. The remaining 1/4 of the military rejects the new government and breaks entirely from it. Led by an acting Paladin Komtur who was promoted to the position temporarily by the now dead Hochmeister Maya. The faction of the military seeks to continue the old traditions of the Ordenreich. the new faction is called the Ordenreich remnant.

>Black Order fleets managed to stalemate the Heraklean and Imperium fleets using a cluster of different technologies salvaged from the Ordenreich, Hildenburen, Centauri, Herakleans, and Burninites. Despite the efforts to eradicate the Sacaen radicals, the Black Order now controlled half of the former Ordenreich territories and now established its own separate and independent government based off the old Ordenreich government from before the Black Order exile.

>Ordenreich territories held by the Herakleans are reorganized into a Heraklean protectorate known as the Terevorum Directorate based out of the former Ordenreich colony of Augusta Terevorum. Despite being devastated by the Gorgon syndrome and civil war the colonies quickly regrew thanks to the Sacaen refugees fleeing the devastation caused by both events to the relative safety of the colonies now protected by the Heraklean fleet.

>A few months after the curing of Gorgon syndrome the various factions that once was the Ordenreich came together in a peace summit known as the "Council of Livenstein" to declare a ceasefire to the conflict. The factions agreed to recognize each other's independence and they agreed to establish a weak central organization on Livenstein to keep the peace between the factions. The organization would be called the "Legacy of Sacae" and would officially serve as the united face of the Sacaen people to the other civilizations of the galaxy. The Legacy of Sacae was given no powers to govern the individual factions, it could only negotiate with the other space faring civilizations on behalf of the individual Sacaen factions. Once the Black Order and Sacaen Imperium started opening their own embassies with other civilizations, however, it killed the only power the Legacy of Sacae had. The Legacy of Sacae is now a toothless joke of the galaxy.


Ordenreich Remnant: Basically the surviving remnants of the Ordenreich. After the faction broke away from the emerging Sacaen Imperium they reformed the Ordenreich Hierarchy using the Order Admirals and Knight Commanders on board their fleets. In the "interest of security", however, the General Assembly part was conveniently out of this new government. The Remnant controls 2 Ultra-Dreadnoughts and one forge world capable of mass producing fleets giving the Remnant a respectable military despite its small size. The Remnant controls the eastern regions of the old Ordenreich sphere of influence, closest to Burnination.

Sacaen Imperium: The Sacaen Imperium is a much more democratized version of the Ordenreich. The General Assembly was able to get more powers from the military officers in exchange for civilian support. While the General Assembly (now Imperial Assembly) has powers over all aspects of the government now the main holder of power is the Consul Imperator who has the final say in everything and can veto any law made by the Imperial Assembly. The Imperium is the strongest militarily and economically. With half the former Ordenreich fleet under its command including, 7 Ultra-Dreadnoughts, the Capital Dreadnought Ritter Fallen, and 5 forge worlds, the Imperium is a force to be feared and respected in the new Legacy of Sacae. The Imperium also owns the former Ordenreich core worlds which are the most developed and prosperous of the former Ordenreich worlds giving the Imperium an extreme edge over its rivals. The Imperium's weakness lies politically. The other Ordenreich factions covet the core worlds and they surround the core which puts the Imperium at a disadvantage when it comes to interstellar trade routes and guarantees that if the Imperium tries to start retaking the old Ordenreich the other factions will ally and surround them.

Black Order: The Black Order swiftly filled the vacuum left by the Ordenreich after it fell to the Gorgon pandemic. They control half the Ordenreich sphere, have high tech advances thanks to salvaging and reverse engineering their rival's tech, and have no moral qualms when it came to experimentation and scientific advancement. The Black Order has a large fleet and many experimental forces like Ordenreich Centurions genetically engineered to be stronger, faster, and smarter than their Ordenreich predecessors. The once weakness of the Ordenreich is colony development and diplomacy. Even though the Black Order owns half the Ordenreich sphere almost all the territory is inhabited by former Ordenreich frontier colonies, farming worlds, and trade route pit stops. There are no forge worlds in the Black Order's territory which means that the Black Order will be hard pressed to replace any losses to manpower or equipment in the event of a new war. The Black Order also is a well-known bigot to the galaxy as evidenced by the exchange between them and Heraklea. Most interstellar governments would refuse to work with them even if the Black Order asked which isolates them politically. The Black Order reside in the southern reaches of the Ordenreich sphere, in the Ordenreich's old "gateway to the rim."

Terevorum Directorate: Essentially Sacaen refugees protected by the banner of Heraklea, the Directorate is the most underdeveloped of the factions. The colony worlds the refugees live on are devastated from the recent war and the Directorate inherited no ships from the old Ordenreich. They also have no forge worlds and no industrial capacity to make ships. With no military the Directorate relies entirely on Heraklea for economic and military support. The world are rich in resources, however, and they line the trade routes that once marked the Ordenreich's western most boundaries. If the infrastructure can be replaced and the people organized the Directorate can be a force to be reckoned with. The Directorate is also not allowed to participate in the Legacy of Sacae due to their dependence on Heraklea, an ambassador from the Directorate is allowed to observe the meetings but not participate.

Legacy of Sacae: Essentially a nonentity in the old Ordenreich. While on paper they are supposed to keep the peace in the old Ordenreich sphere they have no say in the affairs of the other factions and only a small fleet to defend Livenstein, their only world. The Legacy of Sacae must rely on the cooperation of other members to force an offending member to yield to them which is next to impossible. With no political power, economics that depend entirely on the goodwill of their faction neighbors, and a fleet barely enough to protect their only system, the Legacy of Sacae is a joke faction that only exists because of the goodwill of the other factions and their respect for the old Ordenreich.


Ordenreich-Tantalus Pacification Fleet / Tantalus Reconstruction Initiative: When the civil war started Ordenreich Livenstein O.S.S.C. ordered the Initiative scrapped and the pacification fleet to return home to defend it. The Ordenreich fleet acknowledged the orders but never showed up at their fallback point. The fleet is declared MIA and no attempts are being made by the new post Ordenreich factions to revive the Reconstruction Initiative

(OOC: This is basically my way of saying I'm going to be gone for a long time and won't be able to RP for awhile. Use this as reference if you want to interact with my guys while I'm gone. You can interact with them any way you want just please don't have me come back to nothing left :p)
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PostSubject: Re: Summary of Gorgon War events (Post Silesia Nova)   Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:13 am


LEGACY OF SACAE:  Heraklea maintains an embassy on Livenstein, with Commodore Simona continuing to fill this role.  Commodore Simona is given responsibility of maintaining relations with the Legacy and coordinating the overall Heraklean diplomatic strategy in the successor states.

TEREVORUM DIRECTORATE:  As caretaker and protector of Terevorum, Heraklea has moved swiftly to position naval assets to defend the territory.  The Corps of Engineers has been mobilized to rebuild and expand the infrastructure, including the announcement of plans for a naval space station and shipyard in Augusta Terevorum.  The newly created Sacaen Auxiliary, which provides everything from local police forces in the Directorate to combat forces that serve in Heraklean wars, has started to draw in refugees.  Members of the Auxiliary will eventually be granted Heraklean citizenship if they want it, which is considered dual with the Terevorum citizenship.

ORDENREICH REMNANT:  Of the three major independent successor states, the Ordenreich Remnant is the one Heraklea prefers, in that it most closely mirrors the old Ordernreich government and has a somewhat traceable line to the old government.  Although not officially granted the title, many Herakleans consider it to be the true successor to the Ordenreich.  Heraklea has moved swiftly to establish diplomatic ties with them.

SACAEN IMPERIUM:  Although Heraklea remains uncomfortable with democratic regimes, the size and strength of the Sacaen Imperium in the successor states is respected by Heraklea.  Forging strong diplomatic ties with the Imperium is considered a top priority for the HDS.

BLACK ORDER:  Heraklea does not recognize Black Order sovereignty or the legitimacy of their government.  Heraklea refuses to send or receive embassies with the Black Order.  Heraklean personnel are restricted from entering Black Order space.  The only diplomatic contact between Heraklea or Terevorum and the Black Order is through the Legacy.  Through the HDS, the Heraklean government is pressuring other governments across the galaxy to respond to Black Order diplomatic advances in a similar manner.  Heraklea has issued arrest warrants for all members of the Black Order government on charges of crimes against humanity, in particular the willful use of a biological weapon of mass destruction on civilian populations. The policy of unrestricted warfare against the Black Order remains unchanged, though commanding officers are cautioned to respect the sovereignty of other states if encountering Black Order forces within the sovereign spheres of other nations.
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PostSubject: Re: Summary of Gorgon War events (Post Silesia Nova)   Fri Sep 19, 2014 9:55 pm

Burnination seeks to expand its relations with the SACAEN IMPERIUM, preferring the democratized regime, but of course, is friendly with all states.
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PostSubject: Re: Summary of Gorgon War events (Post Silesia Nova)   

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Summary of Gorgon War events (Post Silesia Nova)
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