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 Centauri Characters

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PostSubject: Centauri Characters   Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:24 pm

Faction Leaders

Brother Pravin Lal - Leader of the Peacekeepers, and Planetary Governor of Alpha Centauri. Once a humanitarian and a firm believer in the importance of peace, democracy, and human rights, in recent years his focus has shifted to maintaining his iron grip over the Planetary Council and maneuvering the Planetary Governate through the byzantine politics of the Korel galaxy.

Chairman Shen-ji Yang - Leader of the Human Hive. Ruthlessly rules the Hive, without any tolerance for dissent, but is an earnest believer of his utopian memeplex. Although generally not active in political matters, he has engaged with the Veridian Dominion.

Colonel Corazón Santiago - Leader of the Spartan Federation. Both an able military and political leader. Although she has not engaged in communications with foreign groups, she nevertheless monitors the offworld situation very closely for dangers and opportunities. In recent years, she has entered into a tenuous political alliance with Lal concerning council matters.

Sister Miriam Godwinson - Leader of the Lord's Believers. Although a devoted Believer, she is far from a zealot, as she approaches all spiritual matters from a psychological perspective. Some say that she is the best memegeneer on Chiron, barring perhaps Chairman Yang. She has approached the OrdenReich in the past, but otherwise has no notable foreign relations.

Academician Prokhor Zakharov - Leader of the University of Planet. A brilliant engineer and scientist, although he has been accused of lacking empathy and emotional intelligence. Participates occasionally on field work, and has a good working relationship with the Burnite people.

Lady Diedre Skye - Leader of Gaia's Stepdaughters. Compared to the other leaders, she takes a much less active role in governance, only choosing to intervene when she feels it to be necessary, instead occupying her time with biological art and writing. As a result, the Gaians are considered to be one of the more libertine factions, though still highly restrictive.

CEO Nwabudike Morgan - Leader of Morgan Industries. Possibly Chiron's most controversial figure - not only for his ideology, but also his role in foreign affairs, and his economic actions. Since entry into the galactic market he has had a constant rivalry with Rhean supercorporations, and has had a hostile relationship with the Rhean government. Also is known for exploiting undeveloped markets ruthlessly, establishing Morganite monopolies on many planets.


The Council of Admirals

Please refer to Organization of the Planetary Defense Fleet.


Diplomats and Ambassadors

Talent Nancy Zhang - De facto head of Centauri foreign affairs.
Talent Alan Asher - Ambassador to the Veridian Dominion.
Talent Hormazd Khoroushi - Ambassador to Burnination.
Talent Mihaela Porras - Ambassador to Rhea.
Talent Diane Morris - Ambassador to the OrdenReich.
Talent Moab Schreier - Ambassador to Heaklea.



Doctor Nataliya Fedorov - Chief adviser to Academician Zakharov, and often his envoy to foreign nations. In recent days she has experienced a mind-meld with Pa'u Jenova that has given her more... heterodox ideas... than what she would consider normal, but so far Zakharov has overlooked her unorthodoxy.
Doctor Jeneb Kai - Scientific adviser to Morgan. Something of a jokester, but he has a formidable mind and sharp instincts.
Colonel Atticus Thill - Leader of the Garrison Elite, Lal's personal guards. Somewhat serious, but friendly enough.
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Centauri Characters
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