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 Symbolism of the Centauri Flag

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PostSubject: Symbolism of the Centauri Flag   Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:17 am

The Centauri flag, adopted for use of the Planetary Governate in recent years, is comprised of numerous visual elements. In layout and coloration, it references the flag of the United Nations, which was used as the flag of the Governate in the past, but has become unpopular in recent years due to its increasing lack of relevance and a perceived Peacekeeper bias. As such, a group of delegates from the Peacekeeping Forces, Spartan Federation, University of Planet, Gaia's Stepdaughters, Morgan Industries, and the Planetary Defense Force were called on to design a flag for the Governate.

The leaves surrounding the Centauri emblem carries a dual meaning. Although the Peacekeeper delegates wanted to use the olive branches found on the original United Nations flag, the Spartan delegates were insistent on using a laurel wreath instead. The reason was simple: the olive branches would represent peace, but the laurel wreath would represent triumph. This was largely indicative of the doctrinal conflict between the Peacekeepers and Spartans at large. A compromise was found in a Morganite design, which used a very streamlined and modern aesthetic with leaves originating from a circle. According to the Morganite designer, Tara Ezra, the leaves indicated that although the Governate would not seek out conflict, it would persevere to the end in order to triumph against its existential enemies.

The Centauri emblem itself has a dual meaning embedded within it. When originally designed, the arc on the right was meant to symbolize Chiron (being that the Planetary Governate was theoretically a monostellar polity), and the starburst was meant to symbolize the expedition to the Alpha Centauri system abroad the UNS Unity. However, a Planetary Defense Force representative noted that it was quite similar in appearance to a laser beam and a shield, and as such a second meaning was given to the emblem: the beam and arc represented the mutual defense aspect of the Planetary Governate. One final aspect of the emblem to note are the openings in the circle's first quadrant. Originally, the circle was meant to be solid, but a University designer, Laci Saito, suggested the change. She claimed it would both produce a superior aesthetic, but also would symbolize the breaking of the light-speed barrier. After some discussion it was ultimately included into the final design of the flag.
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Symbolism of the Centauri Flag
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