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 Bismouth Factbooks

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PostSubject: Bismouth Factbooks   Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:24 am

The History of Bismouth Part 1: The Foundation of [Bi]aism

[Bi]aism is the religion that Bismouth was founded upon. [Bi]aism was founded approximately 500 years ago, but until recently, believers had no specifically deigned homeland. The principles of the religion are strictly adhered to by the people of Bismouth. The central tenets of [Bi]aism are as follows:
1) Hate and fear icicles.
2) Boastfulness, Flamboyancy, and Vanity are the roots of all evil.
3) All people were created in the image of the God King Carbin.
4) What is hateful to oneself, do not inflict upon another.

The History of Bismouth Part 2: Modern Day

Bismouth is a Theocracy, ruled mostly by the priestesses and priests of the Church of the Elemants. The head of the Church is the High Drogen. However, the people are free to elect town councils that, for the most part, control local daily affairs.

Bismouth is centered around three main areas:
1) The great city of Silecon, located in the Sinai Peninsula. (14% of Bismouth's population)
2) The great city of Ocksygen, located on the banks Mediterranean in the Northern Fertile Crescent. (14% of Bismouth's population)
3) The great city of Sewdeeum, located on the Eastern bank of the River Jordan in inland Bismouth. (19% of Bismouth's population.)
4) The great city of Hidrogen, located on the banks of the Persian Gulf. (14% of Bismouth's population)
5) The great city of Carbon, located on the banks of the Caspian Sea. (9% of Bismouth's population)
6) The great city of Magneeseeum, located on the African side of the Persian Gulf. (5% of the nation's population)

The remaining percent of the population lives in rural areas covering the rest of the nation.

Bismouth data:
Gun owning percentile: 99.9%
Religion breakdown: [Bi]aism: 100%
Main economic activities: Farming, fishing, mining, manufacturing.
Economy type: Traditional economy (children follow the trade of their parents)
Urbanization rate: 0.00%

Technologies information:

Military technology for land units is around Earth year 1969. The air force cannot function outside of Bismouth's borders for classified reasons, but inside the borders, it is extremely effective at fighting ground troops and aircraft. The economy functions much as it would have in the Earth year 1700. However, Bismouth has electrical networks and technologies equivalent to Earth year 2300. Bismouth has no method of traveling into space.

Yellow = Bismouth
Blue = Swiss
Purpal = A&A
Cities marked as red dots.


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Posts : 1878
Join date : 2010-07-23
Age : 25
Location : NJ

PostSubject: Re: Bismouth Factbooks   Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:33 pm

UPDATE: Bismouth has claimed Cyprus.

- New max RP population: 221 million.
- Updated map (above)

UPDATE: Bismouth has claimed new lands in Africa.

- New max RP population 225 million.
- Updated map
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Bismouth Factbooks
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