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 Bismouth Military Factbook

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PostSubject: Bismouth Military Factbook   Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:00 am

Military information:

All citizens of Bismouth are drafted into active military service at the age of 18, and held in service until they are 21. They are then reservists until the age of 45 (barring medical conditions). The standing military therefore is at a set number, having nothing to do with a percentage, though with reservists having a mobilization time of four to six hours. (Standing army = less than one percent of population. 15% can be called up as reservists.)

Military budget: $93,460,716,404.35

Total fighting units: 30

U-Carriers: 3
U-Boats: 9
PT Boats: 18

Air Force:
Total fighting units: 100. Note that the airforce can only operate within Bismouth's borders for undisclosed technological reasons.

Hovercraft: 50
Ground support vehicles; armed with rockets, these are extremely effective at defeating armor and infantry. Think Vulcan Cannon.

Strato-Fighter: 50
With a service ceiling of 95,000 feet, these are anti-aircraft weapons with no other uses. They are armed with a machine gun up front, and carry up to 6 air-to-air missiles. Prefer to attack from above.

Ground Forces:
Total fighting personnel: 20,000

Commandos: 5,000
These are the crack troops of Bismouth, raised from birth to be soldiers. There is one pack bot for every three soldiers, allowing the commandos to have a huge arsenal at their disposal. They are highly effective at fighting infantry, armor, and aircraft because of their flexible arsenal and intense training.

Partisans: 10,000
Essentially, these are reservists called to duty. The High Priests keep a small force of them always on active duty. These are extremely good against infantry, because they'll fight in guerrilla style. These people have had guns their whole lives, and have often hunted for their own meals. Armed with rifles, they are capable to stalking and killing entire platoons without ever being seen. Some of them are also equipped to fight armor and air, but this is not their purpose.

Warrior Monks: 2,500
Trained in martial arts and small arms, these monks are the protectors of sacred ground within Bismouth.

Other notable Fortifications:
Anti-Aircraft flak guns: 5
One in each major city. Operated by the local militia.
NetSec Staff: 2,500
Charged with protecting Bismouth networks, as well as attacking other nations' networks during times of war. Essentially a bunch of computer programmers with authorization to shield Bismouth networks at all costs, and can turn into the government's own army of hackers.
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Bismouth Military Factbook
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