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 *REBEL FACTON* The Black Order

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PostSubject: *REBEL FACTON* The Black Order   Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:11 pm

The Black Order was formally the black ops and stealth operating branch of the Ordenreich military. Under the old Ordenreich's direction they kept tabs on the other foreign powers and performed illegal research on the citizens of alien powers. The Black Order used to be "the power behind the throne" because it secretly encouraged the fear of aliens races by changing scouting reports in such a way that the Ordenreich always perceived its neighbors as threat risks and potential enemies. After the break with the Ordenreich half of the Black Order's total forces were destroyed by the Ordenreich fleet and the rest scattered the parts unknown. All Black Order influence be it agents or favors has been erased from the Ordenreich because Ordenreich scribes using access codes to enter the Black Order Network identified and destroyed these areas of influence. It is predicted that the new Ordenreich government will adopt a more integrated and open policy towards its neighbors now that the Black Order has been removed from the picture. The Ordenreich's successor to the Black Order, the Arcanii Network, is to have a stricter set of checks and balances to ensure the atrocities and political influences never happen again. That being said the Black Order is still a threat to the galaxy. The Black Order fleet is predicted to include 100+ stealth frigates and a number of cruisers and frigates. Thankfully dreadnoughts and ultra-dreadnoughts are kept strictly under the Ordenreich military so the Black Order were unable to secure them. The Ordenreich warns that although the Black Order had been beaten is was not destroyed. They still have stealth frigates and they led some of the more experimental weapons development so this faction is potentially very deadly
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*REBEL FACTON* The Black Order
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