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 History of the Sacaen Teutonic Order (carried over from CL)

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PostSubject: History of the Sacaen Teutonic Order (carried over from CL)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:14 am

The Legend

The Sacaen Teutonic Order has long maintained its presence on the Isthmus of Prussia dating back to their first arrival 2000 years ago under the orders of a mysterious nation known as Sacaen Somoa. Many doubt the existence of such a nation as their has been no contact between the Order and Sacaen Somoa since the first landing. Despite this no one can doubt that the Order has become firmly entrenched on the Isthmus. The Order is very mysterious. It has no asked anything of the other nations nor has the other nations been allowed to approach the Order. It is only within the last 30 years that the Order has encroached on the outside world. Many believe this is because the poor, infertile land of the Isthmus has driven them to begun trading with the outside world. Trading is a new thing for the Order. Many of the Order Scribes in charge of trading are unsure how to interact with other peoples customs and beliefs. It has been only 30 years since first contact and the Sacaen Teutonic Order is still a wildcard nation that has yet to choose sides.

The Real Facts

The legend described above was only true in one subject and that was that the Sacaen Teutonic Order was not native to the Celtic Lands. The Sacaen Teutonic Order came out of their land in the Celtic Lands as a late medieval tech based nation that had maintained several centuries of isolation but due to its population starting the outstrip its supplies the Order started forming connections with its Celtic Lands neighbors. The Sacaen Teutonic Order eventually became a leading technological powerhouse of a nation outstripping the current technologies of its neighbors. The Order's fortunes continued to grow when, upon completion of the Teuton Canal, they discovered a stargate that linked to the post-apolocolypic world known as Earth. The Sacaen Teutonic Order became a major economic player as a result of the Stargate as now the Order controlled trade between two entire worlds. The Order would eventually, however, come into conflict with its extremely militant northern neighbor, Arcdeberan. Arcdeberan and Sacae (Sacaen Teutonic Order for short) would eventually go to war which led to the Ardeberanii government to launch nukes against Sacae and Sacae's western neighbor of the Timurids. The lands of the Timurids were devasted but Sacae was spared a majority of the distruction by its state of the art laser missile defense grid. Due to these defenses only the northern territories of Sacae were hit by nukes. Sacae responsed with a major offensive by using orbital laser batteries to destroy all major Arcdeberanii cities. Ardeberan simply fell apart from this assault as the government body of Arcdeberan died in one of the orbital laser strikes. The loss of the government combined with the destruction of every major Arcdeberanii city and the loss of all of its farmland due to Sacaen Black Order Agents burning all Ardeberanii farmland caused Arcdeberan to collapse into chaos. Arcdeberanii troops in Sacae fell back to their homeland and Sacaen Teutonic Order troops were simply too devastated by the nuclear assault to pursue. An unofficial treaty was signed between the Order government and the Arcdeberan military thus ending the war. Things in Celtic Lands went downhill from there. Though the superior technology of the Order was enough to clean up all the radiation in its lands and the lands of its allies, the Timurids, the Celtic Lands starting undergoing hyper global warming. The once pristine farmlands of Arcdeberan and Seraph and Visory were turned into deserts within weeks and soon enough this affected the Sacaen Teutonic Order's farmlands. Much of the Celtic Land's fertile lands were now deserts and the little farmland that remained in the mountainous southern continent, south of the Order, was not enough to feed even 1/100 of the Celtic Land population. The Order government was now faced with a choice, stay in Celtic Lands and attempt to find an alternate way to grow food and risk losing everything, or migrate to Earth and attempt to start anew in the post-apolocolypic wasteland. The Order elected to go to Earth soon causing a major uproar on Earth...

True Origins of the Order

The legends are entirely untrue on this matter. The order did not come from a mythical land caused Sacaen Somoa nor did they come from it 2000 years ago. It was found out after the Order made first contact from its brethren on Earth that the Sacaen Teutonic Order was actually a break off sect of the original Teutonic Order from Earth back in the early 1500s. Before the Order desecularized and formed the Duchy of Prussia the Hochmeister (Grand Master) of the Teutonic Order ordered an expedition of Teutonic Knights to form a new chapter of the Order in the New World (previously discovered by Spain in 1492). The knights took the route of Christopher Columbus and sailed to the island of Hispanola but instead of setting up there they said south where they landed in South America. The leader of this contingent of Teutonic Knights, Knight Commander Heinrich, marched his knights deep into the Amazon rainforest to kill or convert the natives to Christianity when the stumbled upon the ancient stargate that would later be found by the leading nations of post-apoloclyptic Earth. The knights mistakenly activated the portal getting sent through it to the Isthmus of Prussia in the Celtic Lands. While the knights in the Celtic Lands struggled and eventually grew and prospered their original brothers back in Prussia back on Earth would lose Prussia and continue to lose power until they became a charity organization in Vienna, Austria in the 1950s. The Order on Earth would struggle on until 2077 when they were wiped out by the nuclear war.
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History of the Sacaen Teutonic Order (carried over from CL)
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