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 Colonization of Zilun III: A Tale of Colonies

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PostSubject: Colonization of Zilun III: A Tale of Colonies   Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:27 pm

Weeks had passed since the encounter with the Centauri delegation. Ample time which, in the span of hours, witnessed the departure of several compartmentalized sections of the A'kath's Death-bane's colony modules into the tropical planet of Zilun III, a blue-green jewel rich in ore deposits, uranium traces and petroleum pockets deep within the crust. The first several days of landing bore witness to the setup of the suborbital warp ring: An oversized toroid structure which bore jagged, ebony spike-like projections jutting out on both planar surfaces as leaf-like solar receptors bloomed like spring blossoms on those deciduous worlds.

At least three or so subsections of the colony vessels stayed in orbit to assist with fine-tuning the warp ring's superstructure in case additional Gol'Azkhorzi drones were to be expended in correcting arc-lengths of chitin-slime barriers. A slimy coating which provided greater surface area for the biotechnology-dependent warp ring to absorb scant quantities of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and hydrogen stranded in space from eons-ago chemical reactions. Proboscises thicker than a human's height extended between the three vessels toward a common junction as the vessel's crew struggled against time to finalize the warp ring's construction: Within forty-eight Aurelian hours, life would spring anew in the system to complement the meager 2,000-strong population below on the colonized planet.
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PostSubject: Re: Colonization of Zilun III: A Tale of Colonies   Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:47 pm

(OOC: You've got Bastians still hanging around.)
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Colonization of Zilun III: A Tale of Colonies
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