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 Zilun Bioringworld: A Bramble Cradle

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PostSubject: Zilun Bioringworld: A Bramble Cradle   Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:22 pm

"Expedite the drones! We're sealing off this compartment!"

A dense cloud of opaque, violet-crimson gas blew down one Gol'Azkhorzin drone's access tunnel within seconds of this order. Lifeless from overwork throughout its ten-year servitude, the drone found only enough synthetic energy coursing through its veins to mend one breach in the mucosal wall before it collapsed in a heap. Vacuoles stiffened with pink gelatinous solutions jetted out from the endothelium tissue which probably cushioned the poor drone's fall. Above, mucus-like secretions oozed from a series of porous membranes near the top of the entrance- Likely an analog of more 'modern' cooling systems for this sadistic race.

Three septa above the maintenance membrane, and the drudgery below seemed to be a start contrast with this mycological Eden: A stream of bioheated water streamed across the fleshy ground and around various bioluminescent flora imported from the homeworld proper. Reeds of a human wrist's thickness swayed with every subtle quiver in the biostation's hull as this stream proceeded to empty out into a cistern plated with lucent scales which carried a soft azure glow with their appearance; one chitin-garbed Nou'tark hunched over the still waters with a thin, cylindrical staff gently stirring the aqueous solution of dissolved minerals. Like its feeder stream afore it, the cavern could also lay claim to its menagerie of Z'rhid lilies- cyan-white flowers whose leaves were tainted with a potent neurotoxin capable of inducing cardiac arrest in a human- and their accompanying floral partners such as the B'zyzk Goliath and Three-Limbed Scarlet B'zy.

As for the natural philosopher himself, the Aurelian stranger's armor glistened with opalescent tissues reinforced below by an underlying carbon fiber layer. Nou'tark Y'linl K'zahn felt constricted by the constant mechanical pressure exerted by the tendon-like flesh just as his extended arm tugged on the fibrous fabric.
Great, thought Y'linl as the words 'decompression risk' entered his mind. I've almost got a tear in this thing.
Glancing over to the untamed, biological arm sheathe of which was causing discomfort, the scientist-shaman gently massaged the overexerted fibrous muscle; immediately after, the slackening bioarmor became rigid and taut in response to a biochemical surge of surplus ATP.

In spite of magnificent progress made to this station's commissioning, Y'linl knew as much as his peers that only one-seventh of the Biotorus had even three operational compartments on standby: Still a massive segment of tissue since that meant 3.16 arckilometers of hull was finished with internal housing, but short of the annual goal to finish eight Terran kilometers of the vessel. Towards the center, a separate colony of Gol'Azkhorzin laborers and their Aurelian overseers were slowly mending together the central node and its vectored exhaust ports, taking care not to trample over captured cables and wiring which gave the local area an eery, cybernetic overtone to this living installation. Adding to the biopunkish milieu was an equally-disconcerting gravity well, or lack thereof, caused by reduced centripetal forces acting on those present near the installation.

To an outside observer, such a megalithic structure would appear as nothing more than a moon-scale blip on a mass displacement detector, however, requiring a previous visitor to the Zilun System to contrast the mysterious mass before and after its debut.
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Magna Aurelia


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PostSubject: Re: Zilun Bioringworld: A Bramble Cradle   Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:54 pm

The docking membrane sealed minutes before the ferry Cet'pho retracted its proboscis into a cavernous maw along its lower fore. Typical procedure done towards the end of the Aurelian workday, but unusual in that the pilot did not properly rotate the glossy black beast to counteract the bumpy needlelike projection's torque.
Probably a novice, thought Y'linl as his eyes darted from the porthole. Damned apprentices operating equipment without proper training and all, those E'werkli could have shredded the immature fibrous tissues and prolong our stay. The lifeless vessel held its position relative to the revolving superstructure upon which several dozen shiftless Gol'Azkhorzin and their supervisors slowly laid out carbon fiber frames prestressed to current curvatures. Giving no further thought to his colleagues some seven kilometers away, Y'linl turned away from the porthole and into a recessed rampway which absorbed the shock of his armored feet pressing down on the hull.


"Are you sure she's aboard?"
"Yes, Gieffrei, she is inside the bloody maintenance dock. Armed and such, of course!"
"Koen, reexamine the receptors-"
"Got it, sir," came a human voice as a veinous hand reached up into an overhead radio compartment and gradually turned an obscured dial. Interstellar medium noise. A nebula going hyper nova- Genevai Valdorin's voice!

"Dammit, sir! It is hard enough to keep to the shadows!"
"I'll be damned. Valdorin, if what these Buggers say is true, then there should have been an open maintenance shaft immediately to your left!"

Gieffrei's fingers curled around a bumpy analog stick while his venomous brown eyes glared through a pair of sealed goggles at the proximal arm floating away from view.

"Is that little shit still out cold?"

"Yes," replied the pilot, who turned his masked attentive gaze to a deceased Aurelian female's body stretched across the chitinous floor. "We took care of her a while back- Fuck, just continue your way through the shaft for another fifteen minutes. You'll only cross a minute section of this wrath, but there will be one decaying junction Bugger said would feed into an incomplete storage room fitted with methane tanks."


"Got it," replied a hidden figure burdened by an inflated EVA suit as it retied the tether to a boxy, metallic communicator which slipped between two external straps rigged with tungsten carbide plates. In another pouch rested six sticks of electrically-activated plastic explosives encased in papery cardboard.

"You know the drill: Get in, rig 'er up, and get out of there. Leave this device's speaker grille facing towards the acoustic-current transformers; the analog signal will detonate the charges aboard this space station."

"Understood, sir," and thus Valdorin crawled in between two narrowing spars as the dank, murky shaft greeted the woman's eyes with disgust. "I swear to God my suit isn't sealed-"


"It is. Just don't let these pigs' wastes get to you. We need to breach the storage room's docking membrane and empty that hold of air; you are authorized to shoot any Aurelian or Gol'Assh- Er, Gol'Askhe- Dammit! - those Buggers which you suspect have spotted you. Meaning, be sure to carefully pick off every possible target en route if that will mean terror throughout the station. God is with us."


Both Gieffrei and Samsir glanced at each other once the terminal ping pierced the cabin's ears: It was time to show the true extent of the Abrahamist Movement once and for all.
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Magna Aurelia


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Age : 24
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PostSubject: Re: Zilun Bioringworld: A Bramble Cradle   Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:38 pm

Valdorin's metal-clad boots and gloves sank into the fleshy station's hull as the woman squeezed her way through the malodorous maintenance shaft: Circulatory fluids saturated with nutrients and metabolic wastes quickly filled every indentation of the sponge-like hull after Valdorin's extremities found another proceeding hold. If one could get past their claustrophobia, the tunnel even seemed pretty with violet, pink, and crimson luminescent panels ricocheting light throughout the glowing shaft. Once in a while, a T-junction in the maintenance tunnels would lead to septa-separated prison cells, open plaza-like areas the size of dormitory commons... Voices and clicking insectoid feet were rather common sounds Valdorin heard through her bubble helm's auditory receptors in some pockets of the access tunnels.

"Valdorin, do you copy?"

Right. "Yessir, how may I help you?" Valdorin's voice remained suppressed even when she was certain she was far from the nearest junction. The woman's eyes hardly relaxed as she listened:

"Our triangulation calculations indicate that you are very close to the target. Rig up those canisters and crawl like mad to the Extraction Zone."

"Yes- Shit!"

"What is-"

"Shut the fuck up! Something's coming my way!" Valdorin hushed into her two-way set as her fingers ran along a row of supply pouches lining her thighs: Just beyond her line of sight came sickening, clicking noise which thudded around the arc length. After fumbling for an extra second, Valdorin's silencer suddenly slipped from her fingers and struck one of the bioluminescent plates with a loud PING!


The assembly of legs coming from around the curve seemed to have stopped- their hidden owner apparently confused as to what inorganic tool fell and how.

"Valdorin, get your ass out of the shaft! Dammit!"

"I'm trying, fucker! I dropped this silencer-"

"Leave it! Duck around the-"


Valdorin did not think twice; BAM! BAM!

Grisly blood leaked from the shadowy figure's face as it fell over, dead: The Gol'Azkhorzin's facial tendons seized up like its legs in rigor mortis.

"What is going on there? I heard a gunshot!"

"Got no time," Valdorin pursed her lips as she bent over again to dislodge the silencer from between two overlapping plates; the cylinder of metal slid out from under.

"Dammit, Valdorin-"

"Just tell me where the nearest exit is!"

"To your right!"


Koen slammed his suit-covered fist against the plane of his terminal while Samsir watched Gieffrei pace back and forth across the bridge in frustration.

"Shit. Okay, Valdorin, are you out of there?"

Pause. No response.

Gieffrei clenched his fist as he paced to the Aurelian carcass, taking care to send it rolling back several feet as his WC-plated boot kicked the deceased alien's body out of the way. Two suited AMFT guerrillas who had recently taken their posts at the bridge entrance watched with nervousness as Samsir followed behind Gieffrei's shadow.

"Sir, she is still there. She cannot just respond-"

"I know that, Samuel. I am wary that her cover is blown, that's what's happening!"

"No, I dispute that-"

"How would you know?"

Gieffrey's calculating eyes leered down upon Samsir, who took one step away from the party leader.

"Samsir and Koen, let me know if Valdorin responds in the next fifteen minutes- here, take my device."

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PostSubject: Re: Zilun Bioringworld: A Bramble Cradle   

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Zilun Bioringworld: A Bramble Cradle
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