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 Pecholt Leaders

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PostSubject: Pecholt Leaders   Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:28 am

AN: Blood lined back to the royal An572 times he is the supreme leader of Pecholt many say he killed his father the last leader. some say he is crazy others say he is a god he has two sons and one daughter the rest of his bloodline died in a space crash.

Octavius: ANs son he thinks he is next in line for the throne he is a squad leader and a commander of the Pecholts Hell Raiser squads. He isnt much for politics hes more action then talk. He also head of Ans head security forces and the Commander and chief of the Pecholt armed forces and the eldest son.

Helex: The youngest of the children he is 19 and is in the Pecholt Special forces he is mainly in recon missions he also takes part in politics. He looks up to he brother Octavius more then anything.

Athenos: The daughter of AN: she is the speaker for Pecholt and is the one that controls all planetary relations. The is the second eldest. She is said to be 1st in line for the throne. She puts faith in Peace and democracy She obeys her father but thinks Pecholt should be more peacefull
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Pecholt Leaders
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