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 Deruni Red Hand - Zetakri Blue Hand

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PostSubject: Deruni Red Hand - Zetakri Blue Hand   Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:38 am

((So I decided to place the Deruni and Zetakri forces in the same factbook as they have the same tech/guys/guns/etc. and so it won't be a pain in the ass to edit them both. Also it would be cool to make it a versus in the information like advantages and disadvantages over one another ^^. No images yet. Can't find decent ones.))

((EDIT: Okay. THIS is a pain in the ass. Oh well.))

Deruni Red Hand_________________________________vs._________________________________Zetakri Blue Hand

Red Hand Infantry "Destroyer"_____________________________________________________________Blue Hand Infantry "Defender"
Primary Red Hand Infantry_____________________________________________________________Primary Blue Hand Infantry

Firepower ^________________________________________________________________________v Firepower
Armor v____________________________________________________________________________^ Armor
Weapon Versatility =__________________________________________________________________= Weapon Versatility

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Deruni Red Hand - Zetakri Blue Hand
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