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 Those with High Regard; The Altayrian Royalty

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PostSubject: Those with High Regard; The Altayrian Royalty   Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:02 am

"The ones with high regard, also known as, the Altayrian royalty, is sort of an achievement of some kind, for to earn that title, you must either give Altayr prosper in Economics, or in the MIlitary... Thus, this includes, Businessmen, famous Senators, Veterans of War, Generals, and of course, the President's family."
~Louie Von Stoch, The Happenings reporter. [British Accent]

Presidential Family

"The presidential family, of course, the ones who gave the most contribution to Altayr."

President Lucius Banearrow
~The president himself. Head of AIM, Commander of F-LS and Commander of the A-DEF.
Martha Banearrow
~The president's wife. Head of the Altayrian Trade Market
Deren Banearrow
~The president's son. , Captain of the 99th Aaron Company and leader of Squad 13. Second-in-command of The Underground.

In the Government

"Senators, Guards, and the like... You know who to turn to with your problems..."

Cyrus Anroran
~Secretary of the President. Secretary of Secret Department of Anti Corruption
Orlando Cavin'ski
~Secretary of the Department of Public Safety
Resonra Kedavro
~Secretary of the Department of Energy
Carl Von Richtofen
~Secretary of the Department of Medicine
Demeter Aliasor
~Secretary of the Department of Agriculture
Roland Velasquez
~Secretary of the Department of Building
Edward Ranveth
~Head of Alliances and Embassies
Captain Willy Verone
~Notable Government Guard. Captain of the 1st Aaron Company

In the Battlefield

"The battlefield is their garden."

Etrius Shadowsong
~Altayrian General of the Army. Commander of the ALT F4 3rd Reb. and General of F-LS
Alex Rolando
~Altayrian Space General. Commander of the ASDF.
Xena Rolando
~Altayrian Air General. Commander of the SkG.
Carl Rostov
~Leader of the Blue Force
Entro Vercon
~Leader of the Red Force
Grigor Stoyanovich
~Leader of the White Force

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Those with High Regard; The Altayrian Royalty
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