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 Rutianas - Empress Kennah Darson

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PostSubject: Rutianas - Empress Kennah Darson   Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:21 pm

Kennah Darson, born Kennah Johanneson, is the cousin of Palace Guard Lieutenant, Arren Kelich. When Kennah was discharged from her compulsory military service, she went to the Jade Palace to visit her cousin. She met Shein Darson during her visit and ended up staying on in the Palace afterwards.

In mid-2386, Shein and Kennah became bound companions in a quiet ceremony in the Obsidian Citadel. In mid-2388, Shein and Kennah married at the beginning of the galactic war with Panzersharkcat. When Arren asked her who came up with the idea of marriage, Kennah told him that it was Shein's doing. Prince Nikolas Earl Darson was born in January of 2389, bringing question of Shein's motives in marrying Kennah. On March 19, 2390, during the surrender of Panzersharkcat forces to Rutianas, Shein crowned Kennah as Empress. Because of this, parliament is now questioning whether Christian, a child of Shein's previous companion, is now a legal heir to the throne of Rutianas. Kennah has never treated him as less than her own son and has even gone as far as the suggestion of adopting him.

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Rutianas - Empress Kennah Darson
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