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 Rutianas - WA Ambassador Paula Jenner

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PostSubject: Rutianas - WA Ambassador Paula Jenner   Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:19 pm

Paula Jenner is a young and ambitious politician. She was born and raised in a prominent family comprised of politicians.

Local rumor in Rutia has suggested that she got the position under less than honest standards as she and Shein Darson had been seen numerous times together. Granted, there was nothing untoward in these visits, but the rumors have done some damage.

Paula Jenner has been quite vocal in the World Assembly on several different debates where the legality of the proposal has been brought to question. She has sworn to fight against any proposal which limits the Imperial Republic's ability to defend and protect it's territory.

Paula has drafted and submitted a successful Resolution, the Child Protection Act with the help of more experienced politicians. The success has gained her respect among her peers on Rutianas.

The Republic has sent her an aide, one Liam Prittan, a Comideran with no diplomatic training. She holds out a slim ray of hope that he'll develop into something greater soon.

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Rutianas - WA Ambassador Paula Jenner
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