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 History of Greater Switzerland

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PostSubject: History of Greater Switzerland   Sat Nov 20, 2010 4:34 pm

Switzerland and parts of Italy, France, and Germany, along with Sweden, were few of the states unaffected by the nuclear war of 2077, though their economy suffered greatly regardless, and were forced to rebuild much of their technology. Throughout that period, the Swiss peaceably incorporated larger and larger portions of Europe, bringing them into the fold of their "Empire of Liberty."

Much as before, the Swiss have maintained a highly decentralized polity, creating an empire of 1044 largely independent cantons, the overall heads of which is the triple monarchy of the German, Italian, and French speaking portions, the Habsburgs (back in power), the Bertinellis, and Bourbons, the current heads of which are Otto von Habsburg, Helena Bertinelli, and Louis Phillip Bourbon.
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History of Greater Switzerland
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