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 Embassies in Rhea

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PostSubject: Embassies in Rhea   Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:14 pm

To: The Nations of the Union of Sovereign States
From: Daniel Chan, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Commercial Republic of Panzersharkcat

The Commercial Republic of Panzersharkcat is now open to embassies from other nations. Any nation without the ability to travel beyond their planetary system will be provided transportation in one of the Air and Space Force's carriers. There will be a few guidelines. The embassy may not have more than 100 armed guards, or 4 Class-A meta-humans, defined as a meta-human with highly dangerous powers such as high level telekinesis, heat vision, summoning lightning strikes, or turning objects into ice. The staff for the ambassador should total no more than 150, and none of them should be any more than low-level meta-humans. Any pets and food will be inspected. To apply, write to the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs with the name of the ambassador, his/her background, the number of guards and staff, whether any of them are meta-humans, the extent of their powers, and whether there will be pets and food brought in. Approval of embassies in the Commerical Republic are transferable to the West Asian Confederation, the Third Empire of Sparta, and the Leggaland Union.

Daniel Chan, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs
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Embassies in Rhea
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