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 Wars and You (Puppets Too)

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PostSubject: Wars and You (Puppets Too)   Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:59 pm

This board is for war. If you want to declare a war against a Regionmate only and play it out in Issues, that's fine. If you want to play it out here, that's fine too.

I would like to note where puppets are concerned:

1) It is not considered good form to have puppets back your nation up in a war if there is no previous IC reason for it. In other words, don't invent an IC reason suddenly for a puppet to go defend another of your puppets in a war. For example, if someone declares war on Swarming Cute Kittens, which is a part of the Imperial Republic of Rutianas, expect Rutianas to defend one of its own planets. However, if someone declares war on Alanda and Alexia, Rutianas has no interests there, so Rutianas cannot defend that nation. Keep it realistic though. There should be a reason already known in previous RPs or on the NSWiki (and it can be determined there if the reason came after the war started) as to why you have a puppet defending one of your other nations.

2) It is perfectly okay for a person to fight a war, or start a war, against their own puppet. Rutianas and SCK could conceivably go to war against each other. It is also not godmodding for either side, in this particular case, to declare losses for each other. After all, it's the same person at the keyboard.

3) If you're doing #2, please give others a chance to respond and get involved if they want to. Don't just clean up the mess in two or three posts. That's no fun at all.

4) Not really so much puppets, but for all war. No one walks away from actual combat with no losses. Don't even try to be one of them. For the most part, I'll let people work things out themselves, but if I do see someone consistently godmodding by not taking any losses ("I hit you!" "No, you didn't!" "Yes, I did! Declare your losses!" "No losses because you didn't hit me!") over and over, I will step in and, as a mod/admin, declare losses for you. I don't want to have to do this and as we're all mature human beings, I don't think it'll be a problem.

5) Not so much for puppets either, but war is hell. If you're in a war for too long, your people are going to start suffering from war weariness. They're going to get tired of it and beg for it to stop. You may even have rioting (unless you're a dictatorship, military society, or something). Even if it doesn't last for long, you're always going to have some measure of the population that's campaigning for peace. It may not have to be roleplayed, but keep in mind the morale of your troops really depends on the morale at home. The longer the war, the lower the morale. Now, if something happens (like a really big victory after five years at war) that can boost morale, you should play on that with describing the attitude at home.

All in all, have fun with war. It's not meant to be serious really, but try to make it realistic. Just no gory details.

Feel free to add comments, suggestions, or ask questions.
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Wars and You (Puppets Too)
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