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 Nationstates Terminology

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PostSubject: Nationstates Terminology   Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:50 pm

Bringing this over from the NS International Incidents forum for those who don't know all the terminology used in NS RP.

Quote :
PT - PT is Past Technology, it can be anything from muskets to bow an arrows and swords. PT also includes machinery used as recently as the Korean War, WW2, or The Vietnam War.
MT - MT is Modern Technology, It is the current technology of earth, modern planes and weapons.
PMT - PMT is almost modern technology, technology that isn't out yet, but is in development. Technology in the 2030s, like New and improved missiles and airplanes.
FT - FT is Future Technology, it can be anything from space technology to plasma rays, it is anything in the future, usually involves space tech.
FTL = Faster Than Light, e.g Warp Speed
STL = Slower Than Light, e.g No warp speed, fast space transportation, but nothing moving faster than light
FTLi = Faster Than Light Inhibitor, (see here for more details)

Sticky* -(NationStates sticky)-[stih-kee]-n Useful threads that appear on each page of a certain forum, usually helpful with roleplaying certain things, such as wars or terrorism. They are placed there by the Moderators. (See Moderators) To Sticky-v The act of stickying a thread.

OPEN* -[oh-pehn]-adj. The tag on the title of a thread indicating that all NationStates members are welcome to participate.(See Tag)

CLOSED - Closed*-[klohsd]-adj. The tag on the title of a thread indicating that only invited members are allowed to post in-character posts inside.(See Tag 1.)

SEMI-OPEN/SEMI-CLOSED - SEMI-OPEN can vary, but usually means that you have to TG the starter to post or RP in the thread

ATTN - ATTN means Attention, it usually has a nations name directly after it, it means that the nation after it should read and it is about them.

Interest - Usually a thread where the OP (Opening Poster) asks the Nationstates players if they are interested in the specific Roleplay, and if there is enough interest to actually start the Roleplay. This is an Out-Of-Character thread and usually leads to an In-Character thread.

Storefront* - [stohr-frunt]-n An In-Character thread set up by a NationStates user, in which varying items are sold to other nations. EX: A nation could set up a storefront selling military items, and another could set up one selling torture devices.

Earth*-(NationStates)-[urth]- n 1. The planet in which all nations and people standardly function on in NationStates and in the Real World. 2. A series of projects used by NationStates members to claim certain areas of the Real World in NS. Earths include Earth II, Earth IV, Earth V, Earth VI, Earth X, and Earth DA.

Tag* -[tag]-interj. 1. An exclaimation used by a member expressing that he/she is interested in the thread, and will post later. 2.-n Added on letters to a post or thread title that expresses the way it should be interpreted. EX: A post with the Out-Of Character tag (OOC) at the beginning should not be read as a roleplay. (See roleplay) However, a post that has the In-Character tag, or no tag at all, should be read as a roleplay. EX2: A thread title with the “Open” tag indicates that the entire thread is open. But a thread title with “Closed” added on indicates the entire thread is closed.
[Mod Note] As a side note, with the move to the NS forums, you do not have to tag something to be able to subscribe to it. See: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8209

IC - ABBR: In-Character*-[ihn kayr-ahk-tur]-adj. Writing as a character, e.g. the president. In-character is how you roleplay. (See Roleplay)

OOC - ABBR: Out-Of-Character-[owt ov kayr-ahk-tur]-adj. A post as yourself, not as a character. Use out-of-character when asking a question while in an IC thread.

SIC - ABBR: Secret-In-Character [see-kret-ihn-kayr-ahk-tur] Writing as a character, to describe an event which the other members of the Roleplay can know OOCly but cannot use ICly, e.g two General's talking about an upcoming ambush.

Bump*-[bump]-interj. ABBR: Bring Up My Post; An expression used to bring up a thread to the top of the first page in the forums.

IGNORE Cannon* -[ihg-nohr can-nun]-n A weapon used against godmoders when they will not stop godmoding. IGNORE Cannons are invincible, never run out of ammunition or power, and cannot be used by godmoders.

Spam* -(NationStates spam)-[spam]-n Any degree of useless posts that are either in the wrong place or do not hold any real meaning. To Spam-v The act of spamming.(-er, spammer[n])

Flaming-[flaym-ing] -v To insult one's ideas, values, and roleplay skills (See Roleplay), as well as out-of-character details (See Out-Of-Character(-er, flamer[n])

Godmod* - To, in any way, say what happens to your enemy’s forces. EX: “Your troops are dead, because I shot them with superguns.” It’s up to the opposition to determine their losses. 2. To avoid death. EX: “All of my troops have personal shields so none of them can get hurt.”(-er, godmoder[n.],-ing, godmoding[adj.,v.])

ORBAT - ABBR: ORder of BATtle; usually an extensive list of all troops/divisions/equipment that will or may be used in an upcoming battle. Used to show each side just how many troops are there to avoid confusion.

DEFCON - ABBR: DEFensive readiness CONdition; usually a scale from 5 to 1 to show if a nation is at war or peace and the corresponding level, 5 being peace, 4 being more intelligence, but no ongoing war, 3 being enhanced security, 2 being at war (but not full-out_, and 1 being a full-out war.

Czar -[zahr]-n A slavic emperor or king; autocrat. See Empire Czarina-n The feminine form of czar.

Junta -n A small group of military officers ruling after a seize of power.

Parliament -[pahr-lah-mehnt]-n A national representative body having supreme legislative powers within the state.

OP - ABBR: Opening Poster; The user who creates the thread, therefore called the Opening Poster, this person is the judge of everything in the thread and owns the thread (under the moderators).

Newb* -[newb]-n A NationStates player that is new to the game, and wishes to learn how to roleplay. (See Roleplay)

N00b* -[newb]-n A NationStates player who does not understand the concept of godmoding, and frequently does it. Usually perpetuated as an insult.(-ish, n00bish[adj.]) Orig.-Eng. New.

N00bspeak* -sometimes 1337-n The language that experienced members use to mock n00bs, and also to make a point to the n00b. EX: “1 fir3l> L00000000000000000))0000 n00ckz0rz a7 j00 an1) j00 dr3 d3ad!!!!!!1111!!!!one.”

Moderator;* informal Mod*- [Mahd]-n Members of NationStates who control the forums and the game; they watch over the forum, to look for spammers (see Spam) and threads that are full of spam. They have the ability to edit threads and posts made by other users, delete threads and posts, move threads to other forums, ban users, and other things.(-ing, modding[v.])

Original post on the NS Forum by Euroslavia. I would recommend reading the original thread just because the information in there is so good.
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Nationstates Terminology
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