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 AMFT Letter to Ayub-Stinley: An Economic Inkling

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PostSubject: AMFT Letter to Ayub-Stinley: An Economic Inkling   Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:02 pm

(( This text has been copied only once, as per Provisional Law Code 001.012. The medium is a dirt-grey metal sheet inscribed in the localized Tantalan script. At the top of this proof of correspondence is the inscription 2662:06:11, or what appears to be the date in yyyy-mm-dd format followed by capitalized-equivalent text SENSITIVE NOLIEN. This letter copy is stored in a minute safety deposit box inside Ayub-Stinley's underground bunker in his quarters.))

Admiral-General Ayub-Stinley,

Here is an update: Analysis of our planet's resources suggests that we fare poorly as a mineral- or organic-based economy. Unsurprising given the fact that our 64-year Menace has crippled all subterranean quarries and their ore-producing capabilities- not to mention the elevated osmium oxide concentrations which felled an outside observer poorly acquainted with our lithosphere. Demand for our remaining radionuclides is poor as well, unless if someone outside of the Ordenreich is willing to take this remnant fallout out of our hands.

If we are to even contemplate alternative avenues of income, I will also inform you that there are no more than 140,520,000 survivors left in our streets, and that a good portion of them are incapacitated. We should consider mandating your successors to focus on acquiring education and healthcare assistance from off world, or else it could take fifty years of unnecessary struggle to bring even the best of our pupils to the lowest rungs of functional educational attainment. On the other hand, we can compress these fifty years into five or less if we maintain cautious yet courteous relations with the Ordenreich and Centauri benefactors. Doing so will enable us to negotiate more as a promising world than an ore bucket-case backwater. Once we educate our population, we may specialize our dormant urban infrastructure to sponsor a high-tech, information technology economy less dependent on resource extraction and more on the experiences, attitudes and promises of our citizenry.

We risk becoming dependent on Ordenreich and Centauri industrial goods in the short run, but we will achieve increased technological growth from our IT sector which should set us up to colonize that [REDACTED] world we discovered through the abandoned warp ring's telescope. For more information on [REDACTED], refer to the [REDACTED] letter I sent you [REDACTED] months ago concerning the matter.

May God grant us the glory to survive!

-Lead Gen. S.Z. Jennik
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AMFT Letter to Ayub-Stinley: An Economic Inkling
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