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 Power Ratings of the Ordenreich

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PostSubject: Power Ratings of the Ordenreich   Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:42 pm

This is a list of who the Ordenreich considers the most powerful in Korel. These ratings are from 1-100 and they include the past rating, current rating, and projected rating. Note these ratings don't necessarily mean how powerful the nation is, its just a way for others to know who the Ordenreich currently prioritizes. There is also a brief description as to the reasoning behind the rating. Feel free to comment OOC or IC about these ratings.

Ratings are shown as Past / Current / Projected

The Planetary Governate of Alpha Centauri: 70 / 75 / 80
Description: The Centauri have been important to Ordenreich policy since ascension. That priority continues to have a growing trend especially given recent events. The Ordenreich foresees that the Centauri and Ordenreich will interacting with each other much more in the future.

The State of Heraklea: 55 / 70 / 60
Description: The Herakleans initially were ignored by the Ordenreich. But recent events with the Ordenreich and Heraklea allying against the Christanans have made Heraklea a high priority for the Ordenreich. With the Heraklean-Christana Cold War falling apart it seems that Ordenreich and Heraklean interests are beginning to drift away from one another which is projecting a decrease in priority

The Republic of Christana: 40 / 60 / 25
Description: Ideological difference between the two powers made Christana a low priority for the Ordenreich. This priority increased sharply during the Cold War and had its peak during the Praos Crises. Since peace talks concluded between the two powers and Christana diminishing in power, however, priority for Christana has decreased rapidly.

Enlightened Ascendancy of Burnination: 80 / 50 / 50
Description: Back before Burnination became pacifist the Ordenreich had a high priority on Burnination and its technology. Since pacifism, however, this rapidly dropped off the average priority. There is no projected downturn, however, as the Ordenreich admires the Burninite commitment to peace and remains committed to keeping relations with them

State of Rhea: 30 / 80 / 40
Description: The Ordenreich had no real relationship with Rhea till the Cold War which rapidly increased the Ordenreich focus on Rhea when Rhea aligned itself with Christana. This quickly dropped off when the Ordenreich and Rhea came to an unofficial arrangement in regards to the Cold War and eventually dissipated entirely when the Cold War ended

The Khroniktan Alliance: 0 / 0 / 0
Description: Contact never made with this power

Rutianas: 10 / 10 / 10
Description: The Ordenreich knows of this power but thus far has not have much in terms of relations with this power.

The Veridian Dominion: 40 / 60 / 65
Description: The Ordenreich believes Veridia to be a sleeping giant. The Ordenreich focus on this power has grown slowly ever since the Hildenburen War and the Ordenreich is vigilant of the day when this power finally emerges.

The Bastian Dominion: 40 / 40 / 40
Description: The Ordenreich currently maintains the status quo with this power especially due to the fact that Bastia's only trade route with the Core splits in half between the Ordenreich and Alpha Centauri. Higher priority then normal is given but thats about it.

The Hive: 95 / 0 / 0
Description: The Hive was the first power that the Ordenreich came into conflict with. That sheer power and size of this power made the Ordenreich very nervous and placed the Hive at the top of its notice. Ever since then, the Hive has gone silent and is believed extinct. Unless the Ordenreich discovers some hive nests still alive in its exploration of Korel's galactic south, this priority will not change.

The Aurelian Kh'uunate: 50 / 10 / 5
Description: These two powers fought over the sovereignty of Tantalus which made the Ordenreich give the Aurelians a high priority. Once the Ordenreich discovered that the Aurelians were completely outmatched by the firepower and technology of its fleets and armies priority quickly dropped off. With the Ordenreich's refusal of recognizing the Aurelians as a legitimate power and the nation crippled by the Battle of Tantalus the Ordenreich foresees that their priority of the Aurelians will not extend beyond pirate scum.

Tantalan Provisional Domain (Ordenreich Protectorate): 100 / 90 / 85
Description: The Ordenreich invaded Tantalus to remove the Aurelian occupies from the planet. Since then, the Ordenreich is working to install a new Tantalan Provisional Government and is repairing Tantalus' atmosphere given the nation a top priority. This trend is expected to drop off as the Tantalans take over duties of their planet from the Ordenreich.

The Tyllic Empire: 0 / 0 / 0
Description: No contact made yet.

The Sith Empire: 90 / 90 / 90
Description: Although the Ordenreich never fought the Sith as the war against them ended before the Ordenreich joined the galactic scene, the Ordenreich has heard the terrible stories from the war and has placed the Sith at the top of its list. If the stories of the powers that fought the Sith are true then the Ordenreich remains on high alert of a Sith reemergence and stands ready to face its armies if they return.

(OOC: I did this to give you guys an idea at where the Ordenreich focuses its energy on mostly. You guys can use this list to get an idea of how I will RP my interactions with you.)
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Power Ratings of the Ordenreich
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