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 Revelations: From a Core Orator

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PostSubject: Revelations: From a Core Orator   Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:05 am

(( This text possibly exists ICily on planets with a significant Tantalan human diaspora. Due to its anti-alien, fundamentalist pro-human stance, some if not many planetary governments may ban this propaganda issue.))

Welcome to the first ever publication of Revelations: From a Core Orator.

May God shine his wisdom upon our souls; hear, oh hear ye oppressed Tantalan peoples and acquaintances, for the time has come to announce the return of Tantalan dominance over her own realm! For decades, the Aurelian infidels dared to rape, brainwash, dismember, and exterminated much of our kind in a systematic fashion. For decades, we have suffered under the rule of a tyrant whose grip, until now, seemed certain to last. Until now we lived in perpetual fear of torture, allowing only the Lord to know where we lived, fought and died for the sins of our Apollon forefathers. Faroek Emomalli, ex-King of our planet, lived in extravagance among the Crimson Devils while his disenthroned son burned alive at the hands of our alien oppressors.

And we prevailed- Prevail over the bastardly scum which eschewed God's word in favor of life's fleeting luxury and sister vices Greed and Lust. With God's blessing, we plunged our bayonets into the skulls of our oppressors- detaching from their devilish souls the essence of life which God intended for his human subjects. We spared our enemies disgrace by shearing their skins from the underlying flesh, giving our children protection from our planet's harsh suicidal winter. We choose the Lord, knowing very well his benevolence never left us, for we fulfilled his predestined wish for our survival in exchange for a lasting peace.

Brethren of the Tantalan peoples, come and rejoice in our victory. Much remains to be done, but it seems the worst has passed: In exchange for almsgiving, friendship, worship and support, we entice every yearning soul to consider returning home- home to rejoin their families whose dissolution has lasted generations. Peace be upon thou souls.


The magazine issue includes localized transliterations for Tantalan humans residing within the Core worlds.
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Revelations: From a Core Orator
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