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 Tantalan Provisional Domain: Military Statistics and Inventory

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PostSubject: Tantalan Provisional Domain: Military Statistics and Inventory   Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:33 pm

Military Statistics

Given the Tantalans' minuscule population and their recent revolution, the closest thing these humans have to a proper military is the Abrahamist Movement for Free Tantalus's militant wing, with just under 500,000 men and women serving under the Abrahamist banner. In a post-guerrilla environment, however, the former Tantalan resistance is spread thin across the planetary surface, lending any actual military strength to the Ordenreich-Centauri delegation which has resided among the AMFT fighters since the Vengeance Uprising of 2661 TSC.

In spite of technological assistance from her Ordenreich-Centauri allies, most of the Tantalan militias remain severely under-equipped with weapons dating from as far back as the 24th century TSC: Automatic projectile rifles, crude IEDs, and makeshift troop trucks are the rule of the day when it comes to gendarmerie duties- let alone a full-scale invasion of the Tantalan home world if/when the Aurelians return. On the other hand, those factions closest to Ayub-Stinley's receive military-grade HAZMAT suits, fusion laser rifles, and other niceties more closely resembling that of a second-rate stellar power. Then there is the actual Ordenreich military presence and, albeit to a lesser degree, the Lords Believers detachment from the Centauri regions, making the prospect of conquering Tantalus a strategic nightmare as long as the Tantalan allies are around.

Listed below are numerical estimates of the Tantalan military forces.



  • Current Active Personnel: 0.424 million Soldiers
  • Current Reserve Personnel: 0.0857 million Reservists
  • Conscripts (Rel. Freq. of Population): 0.0000790
  • Retirees (Rel. Freq. of Population): Negligible
  • Disabled Veterans (Rel. Freq.): 0.0000213

Military Armament Type(s):

-| |-

P-12A Interceptor
BC-97 Skyliner
P-2x Interceptor

The six-decade Aurelian Menace has left Tantalus behind in terms of military development, but there are still some salvageable, working aircraft suited for the thin Tantalan atmosphere. Electric motors drive these rubbleplanes in place of internal combustion engines to maximize energy efficiency and eliminate the need for energy-poor synthetic gas. Tantalan aeroplane features usually include full-aluminium and titanium construction, osmium ballast material, fail-safe redundancy features such as backup mechanical FCS if hydraulics fail, and near universal weapons pods brought over from pre-Menace days. These outmoded technologies said, Tantalan tactics usually focus on hit-and-run objectives using the crumbled Tantalan landscape to the air force's advantage: After one factors in the absence of heat signatures and the aircraft models' excellent profiles, this plethora of 'disadvantages' may work in favor of the defenders during an invasion by a more advanced entity, although only to an obvious point as the Tantalan inventory can only keep up with and intercept so many enemy aerospacecraft. (TBC)

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Tantalan Provisional Domain: Military Statistics and Inventory
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