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 Datalog: Abbreviated History of the Tyllic Remnant

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The Tyllic Empire


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PostSubject: Datalog: Abbreviated History of the Tyllic Remnant   Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:43 am

*All dates are in A.F. (After the fall of the Xill Empire) or in B.F. (Before the Fall)

0.00.00 B.F: The founding of the Empire.

0:00.14 - 0:00:21 B.F: The early Xill suffer an internecine war, leaving hundreds of millions dead. The survivors are primarily of the pureblood Xillan race, while colonial (and genetically modified) Xill are mostly destroyed.

0:00:20 - 0:08:81 B.F: A series of wars carves out the galactic core for the Empire.

0:12:12 B.F: The Lithandi Sector Crusade annexes much of the pre-Fall Western Fringe.


1.99.91 B.F: An unknown fleet numbering in the thousands is sighted by a scout ship outside of Imperial territory. The scout is captured and assimilated into the newly-encountered 'Pantheon of the Chosen' - cyborgs that believe they can eventually attain immortality and/or godhood via biochemical and cybernetic modification. This race attacks several small colony worlds on the Eastern Fringe, and it is soon learned that most of the Pantheon are simply lobotomized and slaved to combat overseers, which command their actions. The Imperial Armada, numbering some four thousand total at the time, dispatches nearly its entire force to aid the Auxiliaries of the local client races.

2.00.94 B.F: The Pantheon main fleet is utterly destroyed at T'varkus, ending the First Pantheon War.

2.31.28 B.F: Pantheon attackers reappear on the Southern Fringe, and are engaged by the Imperial Armada before gaining so much as a half-sector of the region. The Second Pantheon War begins.

2.70.11 B.F: Pantheon forces retreat across all fronts simultaneously, without Xillan provocation. The Second Pantheon War is declared won by the Empire.

2.81.43 B.F: Contact lost with client races across the Fringe simultaneously. Ships sent to investigate do not return, prompting preparations for another Pantheon War.

3.21.20-3.23.18 B.F: The Third and Fourth Pantheon Wars. See Library World link: --datacorrupted77#*#@*6556--

3.25.61 B.F: The Xill Empire is declared to be officially declining, though it has since the beginning of the Pantheon Wars. Panic ensues as citizens realize the Empire is crumbling, and the economy crashes into a horrific spiral.

3.26.00 B.F: The Fifth Pantheon War begins.

0 A.F/3.: The Xill Empire's capital, Xillos, is overrun by the forces of the Pantheon of the Chosen during the Fifth Pantheon War.
All Xill forces fall back to the remaining Core Worlds and split into factions based on region, system, or even planetary allegiance. The Pantheon takes the opportunity to rip the Expansion Worlds to shreds, fueling their war machine.

1 A.F: Forces under the command of the Tyllon Regional Council, the ruling council for the largest Core Worlds sector, rally several other factions to their banner and crush the renewed Pantheon advance at the Verendel gravity well. The planet Vathra is the focal point in the month-long campaign, and the planet’s defense troopers proved the first to ever stave off a Pantheon ground assault. At the end of the campaign, the Vathrans were decorated as the elite ground forces of the Xill species.
The campaign continued into lost star systems, and the Xill forces easily overran the overtaxed Pantheon forces.

4 A.F: Xill forces finally retake the ruined cityscape of Xillos. Though the planet is uninhabitable, the Tyllon High Council takes the initiative and declares the formation of the Tyllic Remnant, rechristening the Xill as the Tyllic race. Absorption of resisting factions begins.

32 A.F: Reintegration of the Core Worlds is complete. Most remaining Colony worlds have rejoined the Remnant peacefully, and the Pantheon goes silent in terms of military action.

42 A.F: The last of the Tyllic Library Ships are decommissioned. This monstrous class of ship used to carry frigates – indeed, they were small fleets unto themselves. However, an increasing need to have ships in many systems at once called for the largest class of Tyllic ship in existence to be converted into smaller ships. A staggering eight kilometers long, these ships’ sacrifice helped the Remnant expand and survive. One ship, the deactivated hulk Athel's Wrath , is named for a dead war hero and acts as a museum in orbit of Tyllon.

1.23-1.61 A.F: The second-to-last Imperial Dreadnought, the Memory of Arados, disappears and reappears several times during skirmishes with Pantheon forces in the Unexplored Regions. The most notable event was the Sixth Pantheon War, which to this day has been the only Pantheon War fought outside Tyllic space. A small force, led by the Memory of Arados, gathered a conglomerate of fleets from the local powers to crush a new Pantheon wave before it even reached known space. The fleet was supported by rogue Tyllic warlords, the Inesian Dominion, the Pavlostanian Collective, the Sarthal Republic, and several other local powers in crushing a relatively large Pantheon fleet. The alliance then drove the Pantheon forces back to the galaxy’s edge, finally losing contact with the Remnant’s scouts.  It is unknown what the alliance’s fate was, but knowledge brought back by scouts suggests that the alliance forces are now rebuilding and fighting wars on multiple fronts as they were before, with the Remnant still not initiating first contact. The hunt for the Memory of Arados was then abandoned as more important conflicts played out.

1.44-1.86 A.F: The Seventh Pantheon War. Pantheon forces, using assimilated Tyllics, destroy several Remnant colonies before invading official Tyllic space. Imperial forces crush advances on major worlds, but this leaves many smaller colonies and outposts to fend for themselves.

1.92 A.F: A radical policy change occurs within the structure of Tyllon High Command, spurred by unknown internal revelations. Most Imperial warships are reassigned to patrol and scouting duty throughout the old Xill worlds, attempting to locate an intact Library World. Many rouge groups are recruited into the Remnant as privateers.

2.24 A.F: Tyllic forces engage in hostile First Contact with Aurelians and another unclarified force in the Gadren gravity well. Policy shifts back to wartime readiness.
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Datalog: Abbreviated History of the Tyllic Remnant
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