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 Datalog: Tyllic Social, Physical, and Psychological Information

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The Tyllic Empire


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PostSubject: Datalog: Tyllic Social, Physical, and Psychological Information   Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:31 am

Terms and explanations

Arados: The near mythic First Emperor. Final resting location unknown, and likely not the actual first Xill emperor, but notable for both being the first recorded ruler of the Xill and (supposedly) the only psychic Xillan/Tyllic recorded. Focus of several religious cults, and is essentially a Tyllic adaptation of a singular deity.
Illav: The last emperor of the Xill Empire. Killed in ground combat at Xill.
Athel: A dead war hero of the second Pantheon war. Renowned for halting the Pantheon’s advance for an entire month. Fell at Xill.
Shal’Kad: The Shal’Kad are an extinct race sometimes mentioned in the recordings of the First Pantheon War. Believed to be former contributors to the Xill empire.
Warlords: After the fall of the Xill Empire, many Xillans became… pirates, in essence. Pirates with entire fleets, salvaging destroyed cities and worlds.
The Pantheon of the Chosen: A theocratic, possibly schizophrenic cyborg faction that relies on assimilation of other species to reproduce. Mostly survives off of STL or pre-space civilizations, and has come into contact on many occasions with Tyllics. Considered  to be extremely hostile and capable of regrowing fleets from a single command node or leading unit.
Xill/Tyllics: Both mean the same species and are interchangeable. Most of the species refer to themselves as Tyllics, seeing as the Xill Empire collapsed and was replaced by the Tyllic Empire.
Tyllic Empire: The official name of the largest Tyllic faction still standing. Referred to most as the ‘Remnant’, a term the government itself loathes as being pessimistic.
Library World: A large orbital emplacement, usually eight SGUs wide in diameter and roughly spherical. Acts as a data collection center, archive, and nerve center and is devoted to computers and storage. Used to store information, records, and artifacts in massive quantities.


Tyllics have four arms and are bipedal, with scaly skin covering their backs and the sides of their legs. It is unknown whether they are reptiles or primates. Males have "lekku" (headtails), which are seen as merely a dichotomous trait rather than a divider in society. Tyllics evolved as apex predators, and have two pairs of eyes: humanoid-range primary eyes and a heat-sensing secondary pair. This makes up for their literally nonexistent sense of smell. Tyllic digestive systems are designed to run on as little food as possible, with no termination point – food is either digested completely or thrown up. Furthering their hunting skills are their keratin-reinforced knuckle-talons, which may act as a natural stabbing weapon. Tyllics are also adept climbers, and are, on average, eight feet tall. No ethnic variations exist that are noticeable to outsiders. Many Tyllics are tone-deaf, meaning that their tone of voice is determined mostly by body posture. This has lead to a language heavily based on body stance, though communication does not require visual aid.


The Tyllic Species is a restless, enigmatic race that depends on large livestock numbers to fuel their carnivorous diets. The Pantheon Wars forced them to redevelop weapons technology, though their armor still far outstrips any competition and is their main crutch in any battle. Shields have never been utilized by Tyllic space forces, due to arguments against electricity-dependent defense systems and a lack of understanding of the necessary subjects. Tyllics do not perform well in long-strung, theoretical subjects.
Modern Tyllic culture is focused on practicality, with survival and resources taking center stage in the Remnant’s goals. The most revered traits in Remnant society are intelligence and competence, explaining the fact that the largest and best Imperial ships have the best crews.


Tyllic speech is complex in nuances and mannerisms, which all effect communication. A 40% rate of tone deafness requires body language to act as the medium for tones of voice, though Tyllics often show tones of voice that only other species realize they are taking on, which is used by Tyllics to ease communication with other races – once they bother to decode the language needed.
Tyllan words themselves often have suffixes which denote tense, and each sound in Tyllan has a different meaning. “Words” are not only words, but also collections of feelings and points of view, each with varying levels of intensity and emphasis. In order to facilitate this, the correct form of the language has over two hundred slightly different sounds, though common Tyllan only requires twenty-eight and can be spoken passably by other races capable of making most of those sounds.


The Tyllic mind is enigmatic to most other sentient species, and has never been known to produce psychics (except for the legendary Arados, whose psychic abilities are only speculation based on historical texts). All Tyllic writing either follows a cryptic or scientific format.
Indeed, the Tyllic brain is split into not two halves as a human's, but is four separate ‘sub-brains’ that act in unison. All are structured in a manner close in appearance to a human cerebellum. These extra parts make brain problems more common in Tyllics than in many other sentient species, with the most noticeable disorder being an inability to create sleep patterns. Tyllics do not seem to suffer from insanity or odd thought processes even with disorders, since much psychological pressure and stress is vented through mood swings, which all Tyllics experience on an unpredictable basis. These swings in attitude range from a slight change in tone and demeanor to near-violent changes in unstable beings.


Names in Tyllic culture are a sign of one's origin and act as a method of separating individuals, as is the interspecies norm. All Tyllics have four names - some possess as many as six, though it is rare. The first name is an official title, while the last is the same as their planet of origin. The middle names are chosen by the hereditary ancestors of a Tyllic, while the first is their own choice.

Cultural Distinctions

1) A bolsar is a blade weapon held in the fist. The blade extends at an angle, running along the forearm. The blade is designed to exacerbate damage done by a strike with the fist: the fist and talons connect first, followed by a deep gash from the blade. The weapon is typically found with officers of high rank.
2) A large portion of the surviving Tyllic population (16-44%) is directed toward military means. This count includes the large numbers of pirate factions operating in former Xill space. The reason for this unusual factor is (primarily) the fact that most of the population is old enough to remember the fall of the Xill Empire. Recovery of lost territory and rebuilding the species is a hard task, and much of the race is living off the remains of the Xill Empire - particularly its former client races.

Imperial Standard Measurements

Heartcycle: The time it takes for both hearts to pump and release blood. Est. 2.8 ‘seconds’.
Decicycle: A tenth of a Cycle. Comparable to an ‘hour’.
Cycle: A full Tyllic sleep/wake cycle. Est. 32 ‘hours’.

Deciunits: A tenth of an LGU.
LGU (Local Grid Units): Approximately ten ‘inches’ long. Comparable to a “foot”.
PGUs (Planetary Grid Units): Approximately 10 ‘miles’.
SGUs (System Grid Units): Used for in-gravity well distances. A system grid starts at the largest star in the system and spreads to the edge of the gravity well of the star. The actual distance of one unit is unknown.

Skohhs: Unknown measurement. Origin unknown.
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Datalog: Tyllic Social, Physical, and Psychological Information
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