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 Possible Fracturing in the Compact

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PostSubject: Possible Fracturing in the Compact   Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:02 pm

*The Ordenreich has begun a new golden age with the establishment of the free economic zone. Despite some immoral practices that came as a result of this new policy namely in the area of drugs, slavery (not legal but present due to lack of invasive searches of vessels), and gambling the Ordenreich has had many good things come of this. One big change was the elimination of organized crime. While the crimes and vices caused by organized crime weren't legal they weren't discouraged also. Organzied crime relied on their illegal products being highly priced due to the risk of obtaining and transporting them. Now without strict law enforcement these crime syndicates lost profits to small time sellers and they couldn't crack down on them because Ordenreich law enforcement came down hard when it came to gang violence. In addition, the Ordenreich general assembly knew things like drugs and slavery could kill their society so while the laws were relaxed in space, on Ordenreich core worlds and colonies it was strictly illegal. This led to the evolution of the intergalactic trade center which would be placed either in orbit over a colony or core world or on an asteroid within the system. These huge trade centers brought in massive profits because travelers could obtain products illegal elsewhere and they became massive tourist destinations as efficient Ordenreich law enforcement kept them safe and pristine. In light of these new economic growths the Hierarchy has begun to question their role in the Compact. The Compact was very strict when it came to things like slavery and the Ordenreich avoided this law by not making it legal. The Ordenreich was, in no way, considering making it legal but the Ordenreich couldn't continue enforcing Compact laws without cutting into their economic base. At this point, the Hochmeister was the only person keeping the Ordenreich in the Compact. The General Assembly and Hierarchy have both seriously considered leaving the Compact and if it wasn't for Hochmeister Micah they would have already done so. However, the Hochmeister has been confirmed quite ill of late due to stresses from running the Ordenreich and many are preparing for the worst. If the Hochmeister dies then many, if not all, political and economic analysts have said the Ordenreich's involvement in the Compact dies with him*
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Possible Fracturing in the Compact
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