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 Datalog: Tyllic Remnant Forces(in progress)

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The Tyllic Empire


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PostSubject: Datalog: Tyllic Remnant Forces(in progress)   Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:30 pm

Naval Technology

Pulse Weaponry is based on the concept of energizing particles and firing them at a rapid pace. The particles then repeatedly strike a target, breaking away small shards of material at a time on the molecular scale. Pulse weaponry is very weak, doing little damage per shot. The advantage is that the energy is carried by a physical particle and therefore can bypass certain types of energy shields, though it is subject to kinetic force fields.
Pulse Turrets have a rapid firing rate and do low damage.
Pulse Cannons fire condensed groups of particles, firing slowly but releasing all charged particles at the same time. Pulse Repeaters are a small variant with a higher firing rate, only firing half their charged particles at any given time.
Pulse Batteries are capital ship weapons, acting as sets of pulse cannons with a firing radius, like a turret.

Disintegration Weaponry is a particle array utilizing pulse technology; it essentially acts as a web or net of pulse particles.
Disintegration Cannons have a slow fire rate and fire in a relatively straight line. The particles act as a stream rather than a net, which can create the appearance of a beam weapon. Due to the nature of the particles' density, disintegration cannons are far more effective in capital ship combat than the weak pulse weapons, which are only a serious threat to fighters and escort vessels.
Disintegration Generators are massive weapons, requiring large sections of the ships housing them to be built around the weapon. It creates a wide "net" of pulse particles, doing minimal damage over a large area. Due to its low damage, the disintegration generator is only truly effective against starfighter swarms. However, the generator usually serves a far more devastating purpose: it is very effective against unprotected fauna, flora, and civilian structures (which are rarely armored), and so is the weapon used in widespread planetary bombardment. The large radius of this weapon helps to make this weapon a nightmare for civilian populations, wiping dozens of square miles clean of life in a single blast. This weapon requires a great deal of power and requires a large recharge time, often tempting the Remnant to send in multiple ships armed with disintegrator generators when a planet is to be wiped clean.


Tyllic armor is composed of four layers. The thickest layer is a heavy plating of metal alloy, origin unknown. The second is a DEW-resistant silicone dispersion mesh. The next layer is a condensed lead radiation barrier. The final layer is the same as the first, but only has half the thickness. The overall armor thickness varies based on ship type, but is commonly a meter thick on capital ships.

Faster-Than-Light Travel

Tyllic FTL travel, referred to as "ripping", is a basic yet effective form of FTL travel based upon the concept of folding gravity to shorten the distance between points in a local zone, which is then traversed at STL speeds. The ship therefore never leaves realspace - space bends for it in an extremely accurate phenomenon.  To those not aboard, it appears that space tears open and is replaced by a ship. A charging period is required, but the actual travel takes seconds. Extremely fast once it starts, but takes a little bit of time to stabilize the gravity thread and is easy to detect. The presence of a gravity well to harness also aids travel, and consequently, ships closer to the galactic center tend to move faster due to the exponentially larger stars (and larger number of stars) present.

Ships of the Line

Tavon-Class Fighter

Fighters are not commonly used in Tyllic fleets except in defensive situations, with orbital facilities to house them. In Tyllic strategy, they act as distractions, scouts, and short-ranged escort ships.
Armament: 2 light pulse repeaters
Largest Dimension: 10 LGUs width
Shields: None
Crew: 1
Role: Anti-fighter/patrol/light escort

Reaper-Class Gunship

Gunships are more commonly used in Tyllic fleets, deploying from docking slots within a larger ship. Often used as landing ships and personal transports.
Armament: heavy pulse repeater, light pulse turret
Largest Dimension: 40 LGUs width
Shields: None
Crew: 3
Role: bomber/personal transport

Huntr'r-Class Frigate

The Hunter Frigate is the first capital ship in the Remnant's arsenal, and the first to carry disintegration weaponry.
Armament: 1 heavy disintegration cannon, 1 heavy pulse cannon, 4 pulse turrets
Largest Dimension: 240 LGUs length
Shields: None
Crew: Unknown, estimated 20
Role: long range anti-capital ship


The Sceld class is outdated, but still works as a basic combat unit.
Armament: 1 pulse battery, 4 pulse turrets
Largest Dimension: 610 LGUs length
Shields: None
Crew: Unknown, estimated 100
Role: obsolete


Brallax cruisers are the bread and butter of Remnant forces, being adaptable and multipurpose.
Armament: 4 pulse batteries, 6 pulse turrets
Largest Dimension: 680 LGUs length
Shields: None
Crew: Unknown, estimated 100
Role: damage absorption


These ships are rare in Tyllic fleets, usually acting alone. They are the fastest type of capital ship in the Remnant's arsenal, and can often be encountered at the head of first contact or special operations battlegroups.
Armament: 9 pulse turrets, 3 pulse batteries, translation node
Largest Dimension: 580 LGUs length
Shields: None
Crew: Unknown, estimated 25
Role: Special Operations


Armament: Disintegration generator, 6 pulse batteries, 4 pulse turrets
Largest Dimension: 1780 LGUs height
Shields: None
Crew: Unknown, estimated 360
Role: Planetary bombardment/fleet command/damage absorption


Armament: 2 pulse batteries, 6 pulse turrets
Largest Dimension: 1640 LGUs length
Shields: None
Crew: Unknown, estimated 400
Role: Carrier
Carry Capacity: 18 Gunships, 84 Fighters


The Remnant's Dreadnought, the H.C.O. Blade of Order, is one of the only two Empire-Class ships remaining after the Siege of Xill. This monstrosity, while massive in comparison to other Remnant ships, is actually a massively converted civilian vessel. The large "mouth" at its core takes in and harvests asteroids, and resources can then be used for extensive field repairs.
Armament: 2 Disintegration generators, 21 pulse turrets, 6 pulse batteries
Largest Dimension: 5045 LGUs width
Shields: None
Crew: Unknown, estimated 700
Role: System occupation
Carry Capacity: 18 Gunships, 46 Fighters

Xill Library Ship

Library ships were the predecessors to Library Worlds. None remain in service.
Armament: None
Largest Dimension: 8084 LGUs length
Shields: None
Crew: Unknown, estimated 2000
Role: Data storage, deep space exploration

Ground Forces

Pulse Riflesare the basic weapon of all Tyllic ground forces. Two shots per heartcycle, 300 skohhs power.

Pulse Repeaters are a modernized version of pulse rifles, often used for suppressing fire. Six shots per heartcycle, 220 skohhs power.

A Pulse Lancer functions best as a sniper weapon. One shot per heartcycle, 730 skohhs power.

Heavy Pulsers are heavy assault guns. They are the only Tyllic explosive weapon. .5 shots per heartcycle, 4860 skohhs power.

Skraag Walker: A light, 4-legged walker. Anti-infantry pulser, 1 pilot.

Tarkt Heavy Walker: A large 5-limbed walker. Heavy anti-vehicle pulser,  4 light pulse turrets, 4 crew.

Th'por Gunship: A small attack transport. 6 Tyllics' worth carry space, 1 pilot, 1 general-purpose pulser.

Qa-Shan Mobile Defense Platform - Remnant planetary defense. Mounted Disintegrator cannon, 12 crew.

Type I Combat Suit - an obsolete model of Tyllic armoring, with bulky plating and no HUD system. Its only noteworthy feature is a moderately-sized lattice shield grafted to each lower arm.

Type J Combat Suit - basic suit, but outdated. Airtight, with motion tracker and lights. Modulable for pilot and comms roles.

Type K Combat Suit - modern combat suit with lighter yet stronger armor lattices. Has J-Class features in addition to infiltration and heavy weapons modules, and incorporates basic strength-enhancing hydraulics.

Type L Combat Suit - an elite unit featuring all previous functions, as well as sleeker armor and implanted wrist pulsers - underpowered and obsolete compared to full-sized rifles, yet better than most sidearms and capable of suppressing multiple targets.

The armor of ground troops is only composed of two layers. The upper layer is a far thinner version of the metal compound used in starship armor, yet holds up well in most circumstances. The lower layer is a far more comfortable - but less effective - form of DEW-resistant silicone dispersion mesh. Not that armor also functions as the only form of Tyllic clothing. Armor suits' silicone mesh covers the males' head tails, and covers everything below the neck in both genders. The metal exoskeleton covers all the body when the head/head-tail pieces are added, also creating a pressurized environmental suit. However, a compromised suit is a common possibility, making a loss of atmosphere still a distinct problem in boarding situations.


Space tactics are dictated by the forces available and whether the Tyllics are defending or attacking. In terms of defense, Tyllic forces will use their armor to their advantage, bunker down and use attrition to wear out their foe.
On the offense, Tyllics will act aggressively and with no holds barred. Heavily damaged ships ramming into the enemy, activating and then exploding their entire reserves of pulse particles, and so forth are commonplace tactics.
In terms of ships, Tyllics tend towards smaller-than-normal but very tough vessels. Tyllic ships have few weapons, but make up for it with sheer armor strength.

At ground level, Tyllics utilize their natural hunting skills to great advantage. Rather than follow common style and build mechanized armies, Trooper battalions prefer use a small number of light walkers to support wide-scale infantry landings via orbital drop and (after some safe airspace is cleared) Reaper gunships. On defense, that changes. Heavy walkers with mounted disintegrator cannons knock opposing ships from orbit, while small squads of soldiers dot the landscape and coalesce near enemy landing sites.


No Information. Study Required.
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Datalog: Tyllic Remnant Forces(in progress)
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