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 Establishment of the Ordenreich Free Economic Zone

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PostSubject: Establishment of the Ordenreich Free Economic Zone   Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:34 am

Today, the Ordenreich General Assembly, working alongside the Hierarchy, has passed its first major measure that will undoubtably change the Ordenreich's position in galactic affairs. The Ordenreich has had the good fortune of being a major crossroads for many galactic trade lanes and in order to make sure the Ordenreich remains competitive in this regard it has decided to do something radical to its intergalactic economic policy. In light of Heraklea's recent declaration against slavery the Ordenreich believed that it had an opportunity to attract new economic partners as some major players like the Veridian Dominion strongly lashed out against Heraklea's new policy. In light of this the Ordenreich General Assembly voted through a bill establishing the "Ordenreich Free Economic Zone." After passing the vote through the assembly it went to the Hierarchy for final approval as they were the final say in foreign relations. The Hierarchy voted it through and it is set to become law in two Livenstein weeks time. Essentially the provisions of this "Free Economic Zone" state that the Ordenreich will remove all trade tariffs against foreign empires, they will also discontinue the transition fee for all foreign trade ships moving through Ordenreich space. Now trade ships from any and all intergalactic powers will no longer be obligated to pay for the privilege of moving through Ordenreich space but they will still enjoy complete and total protection from the Ordenreich fleets protecting the trade lanes in their sphere from pirates. Additionally the Ordenreich has announced their new policy regarding searches of trade vessels. The Ordenreich will only ask for a declaration of cargo and make one surface scan of trade vessels for illegal cargo. Ordenreich soldiers will no longer be allowed to board trade vessels unless illegal cargo is confirmed abroad their vessel. The Ordenreich does also assure that anti-piracy laws laid down by the Compact will still be followed but they are no longer an excuse to search foreign trade vessels.
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Establishment of the Ordenreich Free Economic Zone
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