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 Novus Imperium Romanum Banners

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PostSubject: Novus Imperium Romanum Banners   Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:09 pm

Since I don't think I ever showed you guys some of the banners I'm doing for the NIR mod for Fallout 3, here they are.

Italic Theme

Palestinian Theme

Carabisian Theme

Anatolic Theme

Hellenic Theme

Lambda Hekatontarchia, 36th Doryphoroi Bandon, 3rd Cavalry Tagma, AnatolicTheme

2nd Cataphract Bandon, 3rd Cavalry Tagma, Anatolic Theme

Beta Kentarchia, 1st Evzones Droungos, 1st Evzones Tourma

Zeta Kentarchia, 18th Infantry, Droungos, 12th, Infantry Tourma, Anatolic Theme

Omega Kentarchia, 1st Artillery Droungos, 12th Infantry Tourma, Anatolic Theme
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Novus Imperium Romanum Banners
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