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 Retirement of the Ultra-Dreadnought

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PostSubject: Retirement of the Ultra-Dreadnought   Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:21 pm

The Ultra-Dreadnought, since its first deployment during the Hildenburen invasion of the Ordenreich, has been a cornerstone in the Ordenreich navy. The Ultra-Dreadnought had become a symbol of the power and prestige of the Ordenreich Navy but its time is failing. The Ordenreich Navy has been adopting more and more indirect combat tactics. As such frontline ships like frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and dreadnoughts have been pulled from the front line long ago and have been delegated to roles like trade lane guarding, orbital defense, and support of ground invasions with the occasional ship to ship combat like the space battle over Praos. The Ultra-Dreadnought has proven itself over and over again on the front line but with the Ordenreich's new policy they haven't been put on the front line in large numbers and have instead been folded into artillery fleets designed to support other allied fleets or bombard enemy fleets and colonies from afar. While this role allowed them to remain in active service the Ordenreich has recently developed a new ship capable of firing FOABs, the Trebuchet class Cruiser. The Trebuchet is basically a FOAB launcher only, it has no shields, armor, and only a light point defense system. Seeing as artillery fleets will be kept as far away from the battlefield as possible bringing an ultra-dreadnought would be overkill so the Trebuchet cruiser can fire FOABs like the ultra-dreadnought and can be deployed in much larger numbers than the ultra-dreadnought ever could. Many members of the Ordenreich military called the Trebuchet a "cheap mini ultra-dreadnought" as a result. The Ultra-dreadnoughts fate is not the junk pile, however, many core worlds require protection and an ultra-dreadnought in orbit is a really good defensive ship and can also serve as a deterrent for any enemy fleets that may wish to attack the planet. In two days, the Ultra-Dreadnought will be officially removed from active service and reassigned to planetary defense fleets.

(OOC: I'll update my codex to explain the Trebuchet Cruiser in better detail in the next day or so)
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Retirement of the Ultra-Dreadnought
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