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 The Aurelian Kh'uunate: Insurgency Groups and Diplomatic Concerns

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PostSubject: The Aurelian Kh'uunate: Insurgency Groups and Diplomatic Concerns   Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:08 am

Never quite at peace with her Core neighbors, the Aurelian Kh'uunate has gone on numerous shock-sieges throughout her several millennia history in order to procure more organic compounds, workers and relevant technologies. Such rapid growth for a pre-FTL civilization, though, has not gone unchallenged by fragmented militias, civilians and- in some cases- both: Beneath the facade of 'enlightenment' and 'harmony' lie struggles for autonomy, independence and reparations.

Unfortunately, not all resistance groups abide by the rules of war set up by the honorific Aurelian race: Some such as the Abrahamic Movement of Free Tantalus engage Aurelian civilians on a regular basis to discourage settlements forming on their worlds. Others such as the informal Gol'Azkhorzin movement plan raids to vandalize Aurelian property, hustle replicant livestock and assassinate Kh'uunarin.


Abrahamic Movement of Free Tantalus: (AMFT)


The AMFT is an anthropocentric, fundamentalist faction of the Tantalan Independence Movement whose mission is to "Create a sovereign, democratic-republican nation built upon the Holy Texts as outlined by our Higher Power." In actuality, the Abrahamic Movement of Free Tantalus is a paramilitary organization dedicated to usurping the Aurelian regime in favor of a theocratic government subject to Tantalan priest(ess)es: RC-activated bombings of Gol'Azkhorzin berths, Aurelian biodomes and the Kh'uunate's associate races occur on a daily occurrence within the Tantalan homeworld. In regions of the decaying ecumenopolis where caches of ancient munitions can be found in abundance, better-armed AMFT groups and supporters hold out in apartment husks- some of which have consolidated under the command of self-promoted Commodore Andri Ayub-Stinley, a Tantalan human separatist in charge of as many as 500,000 guerrillas by one Nou'tarki's median estimate.

Recent events include the shelling of an Aurelian graphite mine by the 22nd Abrahamic Brigade of the Subtle Blade, an especially vicious group of Tantalan humans who claimed to have slain twenty-something lives that day  and halting two kilotons of graphite production per year. In response, the T'iantaloum Kh'uunate issued detain-or-exterminate warrants for the unidentified assailants worth two years of income; however, the reward still goes unclaimed since only two Tantalan humans accountable for the attack were captured. Other sporadic attacks have claimed the lives of a Kh'uunari statesman, two aerospace Nou'tarkin, Ulikio'tinari V'l Izun of the Western Tantalan Hemisphere; and some dozen hundred Aurelian civilians over the past fifteen years.


Democratic-Republican Resistance for Tantalus: (DRRT)

Splintered beyond union, no single flag exists for the DRRT...

The Democratic-Republican Resistance for Tantalus was once an interwoven coalition of syndicalist, technocrat, socialist and intelligentsia forces until the Uprising of 2598 TSC by AMFT-DRRT supporters resulted in a crackdown from T'iantaloum Kh'uunate personnel who arrested & executed DRRT leader Giorge N. Byratik on trumped charges of treason: While the Abrahamic Movement of Free Tantalus dodged the crackdown and went underground, the three-decades old DRRT leadership disintegrated into a foray of internal violence- Giving the rivaling AMFT a power vacuum to seize amid the Tantalan citizenry. Having lost its pedestal of prominence, the DRRT proper faded into oblivion.

Survivors of the 2598 Uprising persist, however, in various attempts to reestablish the DRRT as a third-way against Aurelian imperialism and AMFT fundamentalism. Though its fighting arm is significantly weaker than the AMFT, the Democratic-Republican Resistance for Tantalus continues to lurk in the "Twilight Sectors," where Aurelian and Tantalan extremists are at their weakest. Violence by DRRT against Aurelian denizens, after adjusted for their smaller impact, is not so common as it is against Aurelian biovessels, fermentation vats and other indirect assets: In one instance, five methane boilers underwent a thermal excursion (They exploded) at an Aurelian biomass reprocessing center, costing the Kh'uunate countless amounts of resources to try to contain the valuable materiel. Though no Aurelian lives were lost that evening, the Kh'uunate did capture and publicly execute Irohk Balthazar-Keynes under Suspicion-of-Complicity.


Tantalan Monarchy-in-Exile: (TME)


From 2519 TSC (Tantalan Standard Calendar) onwards, the austere Tantalan civilization was led by a series of monarchs following a bloody coup d'tat in that year's autumn- None of whom lasted more than twenty years each given that the unstable Tantalan economy often rescinded legitimacy from every successive monarch and his/her dog. Though living conditions were borderline penurious on the overcrowded world, however, the feeble rulers of the Tantalan system did manage to get through their limited terms by exploiting every gradual but steady improvement in astrophysics, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. Sadly, just eight decades after the formation of the only Emomalli Dynasty, the Tantalan humans were cut short of breaching their atmosphere in cramped spacecraft.

Since the Aurelian Siege of 2596 TSC, the last surviving member of the Emomalli Dynasty- Faroek L. Emomalli- has been held in captivity by the T'iantaloum Kh'uunate's agents. Cut off from his former subjects, F.L. Emomalli is seen as a traitor by both the Abrahamists and Democratic-Republicans for not having made a last stand at the Final Siege. Making matters worse, only several hundred sympathizers have identified with Emomalli's cause, feeling that collaboration with the Aurelian slavers would set Tantalus on a path towards restoration: Without a militant arm of sorts, however, the Monarchists' dreams may be cut short by the next purge…


Gol'Azkhorzin Resistance:


While the Tantalan humans seem to hold the Aurelians in a stalemate at the very least, the same cannot be said for the Gol'Azkhorzin Resistance whose few members consist of sporadic Y'kli- or those who have escaped the alluring effects of Aurelian pharmaceuticals long enough to reclaim self-awareness and realize the very presence of the Aurelians.

No pre-Contact records concerning Gol'Azkhorzi civilization survived the Aurelian onslaught- having long been burned overnight in a sweeping raid of the insectoids' asteroid world. Consequently, a sense of political alignment- present in the bellicose human subjects- is nonexistent among these isolated Gol'Azkhorzin individuals who seldom live long beyond liberation to meet one another, let alone plot any sizable revolt.

Oftentimes tougher than their enthralled cousins, however, Y'kli Gol'Azkhorzin have been known to cripple pockets of Aurelian control in their system by detonating chemical storage vessels, replication chambers and outgoing transport vessels via improvised chemical munitions and stolen Aurelian bioweaponry. An annual two hundred Aurelian souls perish from sporadic Y'kli attacks and consequent fallout of activated chemicals spilling over throughout the asteroid. (TBC)

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The Aurelian Kh'uunate: Insurgency Groups and Diplomatic Concerns
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