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 Pact of Brotherhood/Pact of Blood

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PostSubject: Pact of Brotherhood/Pact of Blood   Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:39 pm

Pact of Brotherhood and Alliance between Alpha Centauri and Heraklea

Nations of Korel, Attend!

The Planetary Governate of Alpha Centauri and the State of Heraklea declare that the time has come to confirm through a solemn pact the close relation of brotherhood and affinity which exists between their two peoples.

Firmly bound together through the inner unity of their common history and the comprehensive solidarity of their interests, the Centauri and the Heraklean people are determined also in future to stand side by side and to strive with united effort for the securing of their sovereignty and the maintenance of peace. In this way, prescribed for them by history, Alpha Centauri and Heraklea wish, in a galaxy of unrest and disintegration, to carry out the assignment of making safe the foundations of Galactic culture. In order to establish these principles in treaty form, they have agreed upon the following terms:

The Parties will remain in permanent contact with each other, in order to come to an understanding of all common interests or the Galactic situation as a whole.

In the event that the common interests of the Parties be jeopardized through international happenings of any kind, they will immediately enter into consultation regarding the necessary measures to preserve these interests. Should the security or other vital interests of one of the Parties be threatened from outside, the other Party will afford the threatened Party its full political and diplomatic support in order to remove this threat.

If it should happen, against the wishes and hopes of the Parties, that one of them becomes involved in military complications with one or more other Powers, the other Party will immediately step to its side as an ally and will support it with all its military might in space and on land.

In order to ensure, in any given case, the rapid implementation of the alliance obligations of Article 3, the Governments of the two Parties will further intensify their cooperation in the military sphere. Similarly the two Governments will keep each other regularly informed of other measures necessary for the practical implementation of this pact.

In the event of a jointly waged war, the Parties will conclude any armistice or peace only in full agreement with each other.

The two Parties are aware of the importance of their joint relations to the Powers which are friendly to them. They are determined to maintain these relations in future and to promote the adequate development of the common interests which bind them to these Powers.

In order to guarantee more efficient production by their various industries, the Parties shall lower trade barriers as practicable and engage in trade at favorable rates.  The Parties shall not be required to engage in trade their governments feel will reduce their security.

Acknowledging the importance of the development of new technologies to continue the advancement of their societies and their peoples, the Parties shall engage in joint efforts of intellectual pursuit and share the results between them.  Such results, if deemed security risks, shall be maintained classified until a joint decision by both Parties is made to release the results for public consumption.

This pact comes into force immediately upon its signing and ratification.

Each Party shall be given a copy of this treaty, each of which shall be considered valid.

Done, this stellar date, at United Nations Headquarters, Chiron.


Brother Pravin Lal, Planetary Governor, Planetary Governate of Alpha Centauri
Grand Admiral Adelei Kirrin, Chief of State, State of Heraklea
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Pact of Brotherhood/Pact of Blood
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