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 Serenity for Some

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PostSubject: Re: Serenity for Some   Sun Oct 06, 2013 2:54 pm

Country Side, Lucius II

The strike group was already on its way to Lucius city

“Control, this is Strike Leader. We are in bound on target.”

“Understood Strike Leader.” There was a pause. “Strike Leader be advised, air wing detected leaving Fort Venezia on an intercept route.”

“Understood Control. Are there any more details?”

“There's this detail,” a voice interrupted. “Stand down or we will shoot you down.”

“... come and get us, traitor.”

A majority of the strike group broke off to engage the wing from Fort Venezia. Two clouds of craft merged into a swirling dog fight. Explosions and weapons fire tore the air apart as the smaller group continued on to Lucius City. Both sets of pilots had been trained in the same schools, under the same instructors and on the same equipment. Neither was able to gain an advantage over the other as the breakaway group approached the city. In desperation to prevent the attack, one of the Venezia craft disengaged and pursued the breakaway without support. It launched all of its missiles at the group even as enemy fire caught up with it and dropped the craft from the sky. Each of the attackers was destroyed in turn, but not before some dropped their first bombs on the ghetto.

The crowds screamed as buildings and people were torn apart by bombs and falling craft. But with the attack halted, at least for the time being, fear quickly was turning into anger. Wholesale slaughter was happening before their eyes, and they would not tolerate it.

* * * * *

West River, Lucius City, Lucius II

The checkpoint captain could see the personnel carriers moving through the sky towards the various locations where the LCPD were controlling movement into the slave ghetto. People were getting worked up. Bottles were being flung at the barricades by citizen protestors. The slaves were a bit more subdued, more desperate than angry. They were far more scared of the repercussions than the citizens whose rights were recognized.

The protestors began calling our “Murderers!” as a carrier descended on the checkpoint. The doors opened before the carrier finished touching down and men in the uniform of the Lucian army began spilling out.

“I want heavy weapons on top of that barricade and that barricade,” the huge major started shouting. “Let's get this checkpoint secure people.” The major approached the police captain.

“We appreciate the help, Major,” said the captain.

“This first wave is just to shore up the checkpoints. We've got more coming to help with crowd control.”

“Well, thank God for you guys. It's getting ugly out here.”

“I'm sure.”

“We're set up, sir,” one of soldiers reported over the radio.

“Understood, Pietro.” The major looked at the captain. “Come on, you're going to want to see this.” The major guided the captain over to a position from where they could observe the entire checkpoint.

“You're people are very efficient, major. It's quite impressive.”

“Yes they are. Now watch this.” The major triggered his radio. “Pietro, execute.” With that the soldiers spun their weapons around and begun firing on the policemen. Their fire ripped through the men enforcing the blockade of West River.

“What is this? What are you doing?” demanded the captain. The major drew his weapon and before the captain could react the major shot him in the head. Their deadly mission done, the soldier began opening the gates of the barricades. One soldier ran to the carrier and grabbed out a black flag with a red bent arm hold a hammer in the center. He ran to the open gate and began waving his banner.

“If you want your freedom, follow me!” He turned and charged into the city. Slaves followed, first in ones and twos, then more and more. The protestors drew to the sides of the street to allow as many slaves through as possible and cheered as they ran through. Police control of Lucius City was broken.

* * * * *

Doge's Palace, Lucius City, Lucius II

“It's bad, your Beneficence. The attempt to destroy the slaves has radicalized their sympathizers. A lot of people who were on the fence are now supporting the slaves and Parliament is in an uproar. The Assembly has censured you and we may be seeing something similar attempt out of the Council. It won't pass but it'll be bad. Pulizzi is going to use it to hit you over the head, but we should be honest with ourselves. We are losing ground here. We should think about the Christanan offer.”

“And let them drive me off my own world? Never!”

“Your Beneficence, I don't know that we can win. We're facing mutiny and treason in all corners, our population is turning against us. We may need to cut our losses.”

“Tell the council that any coward that wants to 'cut their losses' can. I will not surrender my world to these animals.”

* * * * *

LLA Underground Bunker, Lucius City, Lucius II

“This is incredible,” said Benito.

“Is it?” asked Sansone.

“With the Christanan gone, the Herakleans will be able send in a fleet. We can finish this revolution today!”

“We could,” said Ezio. “I can get a message out to central, there will be a fleet here within five hours.”

“And then my people are beholden to yours,” said Sansone.

“No more so than we all ready discussed. This war can end today. Just do the smart thing. Hold off until the Christanans are gone and we will give you everything.”

“Sansone, you know I have my own suspicions about his motives, but dammit people are dieing for our freedom, and we can end that now.”

“Fine. We'll keep the pressure up until the Christanans lift them out. Then we march on the Doge's palace while your fleet takes care of their military.”
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PostSubject: Re: Serenity for Some   Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:46 pm

Spartacus finally gets his wish - open Bastian support. What finally pushed the Bastians over was the Lucians' attempted attack on their own capital. They are not risking it on the place they hold. Dozens of Bastian warships appear over Lucius I and start dropping troops in support of the ex-slaves. They hold a ceremony during a quiet time, give a few speeches, and crown him King Spartacus. Very open message that he will not accept a position that only seems important.
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PostSubject: Re: Serenity for Some   Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:44 pm

Lucius City, Lucius II

News of the Christanan evacuation had already spread, and disheartened Lucian forces had begun standing down. The LLA controlled a majority of the planet's surface after that.

LLA forces began swelling around the Doge's Palace. Sansone X emerged at the front, giving an impassioned speech rallying his men and the people sympathetic to their cause. The guards stood nervously at the gate, weapons trained on the crowd, but they didn't dare fire. The didn't have enough firepower to stop them. If the crowd stormed the Palace, the guards would be over run.

* * * * *

Lucius System Boundary

Not even a half hour had passed since the Christanans left before the 1st Expeditionary Fleet arrived in the Lucius system. The Heraklean forces severely outnumbered the Lucian navy, and disposed of those inclined to fight the invaders quickly. A portion broke off and proceeded to Lucius III, where marines were landed on planets surface. The Lucian military had held strong until now, but ten minutes after planet-fall the chain of command was broken and the defenders fell into disarray.

The remainder of the fleet proceeded to Lucius II.

* * * * *

Lucius City, Lucius II

The arrival of Herakleans in system broke the last remaining will of the palace guard. The commander radioed Sansone X and an agreement was quickly made. He opened the gate and his men were left unharmed as the crowds marched into Doge's Palace. LLA forces detained the remaining members of government, including the Doge. They would later be tried for crimes against humanity, but for now a revolution had succeeded. The Assembly, which had not recessed since censuring the Doge, immediately voted almost unanimously to declare Sansone X the president of a transitional government to oversee the conversion of Lucius from a slave society to a free society, as well as the chairman of a constitutional convention. The new government under Sansone was recognized by the Heraklean commander as the legitimate system government, and Sansone invited his “brothers on Lucius I to join us in establishing a government built on the ideal of self-determination, free of unjust compulsion.”
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PostSubject: Re: Serenity for Some   

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Serenity for Some
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