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 I Was There

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PostSubject: I Was There   Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:13 pm

OOC: This thread is for one off or multi-post stories of events described in your history from the point of view of someone who was actually there.  These should be events you have not already RPed or about a location that was also affected by the events was not part of the main RP.  Since it's my idea, I'll go first.

* * * * *



They were plain on the faces of the people gathered around the shuttle.  It was little wonder why Spartans were chosen to man the lines.  For all their fighting spirit, the Peacekeepers were still soft at heart.  Who else but a Spartan could be trusted to look into the face of mothers begging for their children's lives and say “no.”

“Step back ma'am, or I will force you back,” said Major Piter Kirrin.  The woman cowered under his cold stare and began crying.

“Please, please.  For my son, please.”  He remained unmoved, though he felt the woman's begging begin to tug on his heart strings.  Maybe I'm spending too much time with Rich, he thought.  I think I'm getting infected by his meme.

“Back up!  Shuttle's full!  Next one in one hour!”  He called as the last seats on the shuttle were filled.  The Spartan soldiers began moving the would-be refugees of the Progenitor War away from the shuttle.  Upon completing its pre-flight checks, the shuttle lifted off of Port Plymouth and launched into space where it would meet with the UNS Sonoma.  The launches had been spread out.  The Progenitors might miss or ignore an occasional shuttle launch, but if they had all gone at once there was no doubt that they would detect and hunt them.  “Klanning, take over here.  I'm going to go grab some chow.”

“Understood, Major.”  Piter left the line as his place was taken by the Lieutenant Klanning.  The soldiers began organizing the next batch of refugees for the shuttle as Piter crossed the launch pad.  The meal at the mess tent was less than tasty, but it filled the belly which was the important part.

Piter was halfway back to the particular pad he was stationed at when the siren's wail began.

“Progenitors!” some one screamed as the mess tent suddenly erupted.  Progenitor attack craft screamed across the sky and began attacking the base.  Piter's training instantly kicked in.  His rifle swung from where it hung at his side to a ready position.  He fired off a quick burst shot that tore open an engine on one of the attack craft, an impossible feat for a lesser man, for one who was not a Spartan.  The craft spun out and crashed into the surrounding as two shuttles on the other side of Port Plymouth exploded under fire.

All around, the carefully controlled boarding processes were abandoned.  Instead, soldiers began loading as many refugees as they could as quickly as possible as others were directed to the shelters.  As shuttles filled, they launched in a mad dash to space.

“Go!  Get to the shelters!” Piter shouted at a group of dumbstruck refugees.  His shout broke them out of their revery and they quickly began running towards an undestroyed building.

“Piter, where the hell are you?” crackled his comm.  “Get over here, now!”

“Negative, Rich.  There are still people trying to get to the shelters.”

“Dammit, Piter.  Leave them, there aren't going to be anymore shuttles.  This is the last ride!”

“Fuck me,” complained Piter as he charged off in a full run to his shuttle.  A shuttle already lifting into the air was struck by Progenitor fire.  The shuttle crashed down and exploded, nearly flinging Piter from his feet.  The blast wave did, he noticed, knock down a woman with her baby and young son.  Cursing, he quickly ran to her and grabbed both her and her son by the collar of their clothing.  Lifting them back to their feet, he gave them one command.  “MOVE!”

Lifting up the small boy, and the woman carrying her baby, they sprinted to the shuttle.  As soon as they were past the boundary, the air tight doors slammed shut.  Piter forced the woman into a seat and closed her harness.

“Hold him tight,” he said to her indicating her baby.

“Not that I don't admire your charity,” Rich started in on him as he locked the boy into his own seat, “but where exactly are we going to sit?”  Piter reached up into a bundle of cabling and wrapped it around his arms.

“We don't.”  Rich shook his head before doing the same.

“You always guide me to the most dangerous sort of fun, Piter,” he said as the shuttle began its ascent.

“The better to keep you on your toes.”  The shuttle shook as it lifted from the surface at its maximum acceleration.

“EVASIVE MANEUVERS!” the pilot shouted over the announcing circuit right as the shuttle began to jerk and spin violently.  Piter and Rich gritted their teeth as the g-forces threatened to rip the two men from their anchor points.  Children screamed, babes cried, and then suddenly it stopped.  Piter and Rich felt themselves begin to float as the zero-gravities of space left them weightless.  “Progenitors have ceased pursuit,” came the announcement, and loud shouts of cheer reverberated around the cabin.  “Commander, the Sonoma is requesting your authorization code.”  Rich triggered his comm.

“Understood.  Patch me through.  UNS Sonoma, this Commander Richard Lambert of the Peacekeepers.  Authorization code is...”
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I Was There
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