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 Post-Revelations Burnination

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PostSubject: Post-Revelations Burnination   Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:44 pm

NOTE: All other factbooks about Burnination are out of date! This one contains the information that would be readily available to the governments of outside nations.

A Brief History

Burnination was not always called Burnination. Nor was it always located on the rim of the galaxy and confined to a single world. Burnination is populated by a humanoid species nearly identical to humans. They are slightly more evolved than humans, though. They are slightly more intelligent, slightly more athletic, have a tiny percentage faster reaction time than the average human, etc. There are only two major differences between humans and Burninites. 1, Burninites live to be an average of 732 Earth years old. 2, Burninites reproduce at a far slower rate than humans. Oh right, they're considered plantae, not anamalia. They're plants. Definitely sentient plants.

In the year 900 million BC, long before evolution began to produce mammals on Earth, the Burninite empire was at its height. Then, the Burninites inhabited every corner of the galaxy. Their cultural achievements and architectural monuments were akin to all seven of the wonders of the world put together. Then, Burninites lived to be over a thousand years old before old age overtook them. Then, Burninite technology was such that no Burninite ever had to do any kind of labor. They were completely free to pursue their every desire. It was said that even the stars lived and died at the will of the Burninites.

However, by 800 million years BC, the Burninite empire was crumbling at the edges. This was not from invasion, but from internal forces. Because of their superior minds, Burninites are more likely to be happy, to find beauty, to do good. However, they are also more susceptible to extremes. They are more likely to feel hate, anger, and depression. So by 800 million BC, when all Burninites did was pursue desires, numerous bloodthirsty cults arose. Sadistic killers lurked in the shadows, searching for their perverted pleasure. The Burninite empire was poised for the event known only as "The Fall."

The surviving Burninites today, the ones living in Burninations, are the descendants of those who saw the catastrophe coming. They made the journey out to the rim of the galaxy in an attempt to weather the coming storm. The journey was not easy, especially for a race unaccustomed to physical labor. The outcast Burninites lived hard lives to get to an FT level of technology.

Anyway, before I return to the story of The Fall, I must explain Burninite religion/technology. In Burninite religion the gods live(d) ("Our gods are dead." explains religious leader Uldred. Only one god fully survived The Fall.) in a complex series of tunnels in a parallel universe called The Warp. In the ancient Burninite empire, Burninites could navigate these tunnels for travel back into their own universe. That is unrelated, but it was there, in the parallel universe The Warp, that the end of the Burninite empire began to form.

As the Burninite people degenerated into perverted cults, their minds began to create a new god, The Destroyer, in their parallel universe. The year is uncertain, but around 775 million BC, The Destroyer was born. The Destroyer's birth initiated an imbalance in The Warp that immediately killed every single living Burninite from their cultural center. Waves of death killed every single Burninite that had not evacuated to the rim. In an instant, over 6 trillion Burninites dropped dead, leaving only the 10ish billion that survive today in Burnination.

The nature of The Destroyer prevented Burninites from traveling The Warp as they once had, until recently.

In recent history, not 5 years ago, the Destroyer Slaaneesh was defeated by the effort of Burnination and Rutia and Rhea, including Burninite, Rhean, and Rutian mental units as well as the pantheon of Rutia and the surviving gods of Burnination. The late Emperor Earl the Incinerator was elevated to a divine position in this battle.

With the defeat of Slaaneesh, Isha was reborn, as well as possibly other gods that have not yet resurfaced. 1 year ago, Burnination was destroyed by Isha, the mother, and reborn with new purpose. Though Burnination has a lofty history, its present does not much resemble its past.

Notable characters:

Jenova Incinerator

~ Burninite Pa'u of the 10th level; most respected Burninite of all.
Teresa Trimbalt

~ Burninite Pa'u of the 9th level; trusted servant of Jenova Incinerator

The Pantheon
Isha - the Mother
~ Isha was slain by Slaaneesh when his birth ushered in the Fall, but reappeared some time after Slaaneesh was slain by Burninite, Rhean, and Rutian effort. She punished the Burninites for their decadence, and gave them new life and purpose in the contemporary era.
The Laughing God
~ The Laughing God survived the Fall by pure guile, escaping Slaaneesh's attempts to destroy him. His last appearance was in helping to finally defeat Slaaneesh.
Slaaneesh - Chaos
~ Brought into being by the Burninites themselves over thousands of years of decadent civilization. His birth destroyed the Burninite Empire and reduced the race to near extinction, ushering the age of the Fall. Slain recently, ushering in the transitional period.
Earl the Incinerator
~ Once monarch of Burnination, somehow survived death by plague and was reincarnated as a lesser God under the Laughing God.
Kaela Khaine - the God of War
~ Survived the Fall, but only in part; enough of him survived that he may again appear. He survived by sheer strength. That is, Slaaneesh was not able to entirely eradicate his existence.
Some of the gods slain by Slaaneesh (incomplete list): Kurnous (god of the hunt), Lileath (daughter of Isha), Asuryan (king of Gods), Vaul (god of the metals)

Space assets
Craftworlds: 2
~ These are essentially small moons that have been hollowed and adapted for spacetravel by Burninites. These can generate massive shields and can travel in the Warp. They can hold about 2.5 billion civilians at a time each. They have no offensive abilities. There is lore that claims dead Burninites' souls reside in the craftworlds, but these reports cannot be confirmed.
Leviathans: 3000+ (head count changing as more Leviathans are born. Note that the Burninites have only recently started growing them)
~ These biological ships, grown and given life and (purportedly) near-sentience by Burninites carry Burninites through the stars. They are fairly large; 1km long, 300m wide, and 25m high; they usually have smaller transports aboard, and are used to transport people and materials. They have no offensive abilities, and their only defensive abilities are stealth and "starburst," the ability to escape to the Warp.
Old order ships: 2 (it is thought that The Spotlight and a single Mothership survived Isha's demolition of the Burninite fleet)
~ The Spotlight is a scientific vessel with a lot outfitted, while the mothership is fairly average and contains three jumpers. A quick overview of their military capabilities are outlined here:
Mothership: Proton Disruptor Lasers (<--heavy weapon which disturbs the atomic structure of whatever it hits), Shruiken Cannons (<--Fires thousands of monomolecular disks which can rip thousands of tiny holes in the hull of an enemy ship), Gamma Ray Torpedoes (<-- Fires a series of Shruikens at the enemy ship, with the intention to breach the hull, enter the ship, and release Gamma radiation.), and Hull Shielding (<-- capable of producing a pretty powerful shield). Heavier vessels, more capable of destroying large ships in opposing fleets than its predecessor, the Starship. They are large enough to be relatively unaffected by smaller fire, but are still rather maneuverable, unless they need to transfer too much power to the shields. These are about 6 KM by 1.5 KM (4 cubic KM).
The Spotlight: Armaments: Proton Disruptor Lasers, Shruiken Cannons
Description: Small-sized class warship with extremely good agility in the skies, and a deadly punch, but little hull protection. These are slightly less than 100 meters long, and slightly less than 50 wide (less than 1 cubic KM).
Home world
~ This is a large world (2x mass of earth) surrounded by 5 quasars set perfectly so that the entire system is stationary, and so that the planet is entirely blanketed by good growing light at all times. Not much is known about the world known as the Tear of Isha at the current time.

The people

~ The people of Burnination can be classified based on their level of control over the wild dissidence in their minds. The Goddess Isha condensed and rendered the evil in a Burninite's mind into a potent force that disrupts the sentience of the plant until the Burninite can learn to defeat it. The ascending Pa'us indicate the level of control obtained by a Burninite over this power, each successive step granting the plant a new psionic ability. It is not known whether or not there is a 'maximum' Pa'u, so to speak; it is thought that Jenova Incinerator has achieved the 10th Pa'u, and no Burninite is known to have obtained any powers beyond hers. A Burninite is said to "seek" heightened levels of enlightenment through ascending Pa'us,
The Pa'us
1 - The Feral ~ Indicates a state below sentience; no control over the dissidence in the mind of the Burninite. These creatures always have the potential to tame their minds, but until they do, are essentially beasts.
2 - Tamed ~ Indicates a state of sentience; achieving this state grants the Burninite the psionic ability of sentience and speech, though it is possible that a Pa'u of the second level may occasionally give in to violent impulse.
3 - Acolytes ~ Indicates a state of further movement towards the Goddess. The Seek has progressed enough that an Acolyte is not capable of producing violence, and is capable of sensing strong emotions in others.
4 - Messengers ~ At this stage of the Seek, a Burninite is capable of the non-verbal transmission of information; the psionic power of telepathy.
5 - Healers ~ At this stage of the Seek, a Burninite develops the ability to heal many physical wounds.
6 - Guides ~ At this stage of the Seek, a Burninite develops the ability to understand The Warp, and travel through it.
7 - Empaths ~ At this stage of the Seek, a Burninite develops the ability to aid other Burninites in their Seek, as well as the ability to link minds with other individuals.
8 - Movers ~ At this stage of the Seek, a Burninite develops the ability to perform telekinesis on certain objects.
9 - Builders ~ At this stage of the Seek, a Burninite develops the ability to help create biotechnology, like the Leviathans, by granting them life.
10 - ??? ~ Jenova has not disclosed what power beyond the above she has developed.

Other Assorted Information
~ All Burninites of the second Pa'u and above profess to be complete pacifists.
~ Population percents in the various Pa'u states at any given time, approximate:
1st level-19%, 2nd level-53%, 3rd level-10%, 4th level-8%, 5th level-6%, 6th level-2%, 7th level-1%, 8th level-0.5%, 9th level-0.49999999%, 10th level or above-1/10 billion
~ Burninite society is entirely anarchist.
~ All reproduction of Burninites happens at the first Pa'u; even the Tamed are unable to reproduce. Most Burninites die before advancing to the second Pa'u. As such, unlike most sentient species, Burninites are selected or culled before adulthood (while in most, the young are coddled, then selected and sorted during adulthood).
~ Burninites are vegetarian, but not vegan. They will eat animal products that do not require the death of the creature, but generally prefer to rely on a diet of plants. They are capable of sustaining themselves with only water and sunlight for a period of time, but their surface area to volume ratio means that they do need material sustenance, unlike most plants.

Notable Technologies
~ Shielding -> Burninites have excellent energy shielding technology.
~ Teleportation -> Burninites are capable of matter-energy-matter transport of most small and medium objects without the need for any set teleporter pad, so long as sensors are operational.
~ Stealth -> Burninite ships can render themselves nearly invisible to scans to avoid detection.
~ Disarmament -> Small devices on Burninite ships and on its home world and craftworlds render firearms and most ranged weaponry useless.
~ Universal Translation Device -> Brain wave analysis allows this device to very quickly translate to and from any sentient language.
~ Savekits -> can be used to seal wounds and prevent deaths from large open wounds.
~ Commlinks -> think laptop, computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.
~ Dr. Device -> the miniature version of Burnination's planet killer; today, only smaller bombs exist, used to destroy asteroids for mining purposes. It is unlikely that Burnination possesses any planet killers today.

(Obviously Burninites have advanced sensor technology, and technologies similar enough to a mobile network or internet.)

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PostSubject: Re: Post-Revelations Burnination   Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:45 pm

Factbook complete (25 Aug, 2013)
Increased the % of Burninites in the first and second Pa'us in exchange for a loss in 4th and 5th levels.
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Post-Revelations Burnination
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