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 Timeline of the Free Planet

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PostSubject: Timeline of the Free Planet   Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:31 am

C.D. is Corporate Domain, R.P. is Rapture Period and N.D. is New Dawn.

1 C.D. : Euroton Industries colonizes Christana as a colony for the future. Settlements are established thought the planet with much control and little freedom.

5 C.D. : Tribes of Green men with horns coming out of the bottom and tops of their head are spotted throughout multiple regions.

6 C.D. : The Euroton settlements and tribes fall into war.

9 C.D. : The tribes now known as Kamota disappear into toxic areas leaving humans in peace.

12 C.D. : The settlements start to form into cities across the planet.

14 C.D. : With the rise of cities, Euroton creates a mining fortress on the near by moon of Paris I.

1 R.P. : Communications are cut and Euroton ships stop arriving.

2 R.P. : Society starts to collapse as city states emerge leaving the rest of the planet to Kamota and bandits.

3 R.P. : Forever security guards become raider groups frequently attacking the cities leaving many dead.

6 R.P. : Multiple city states attempt to carve empires but fail.

30 R.P. : A man nicknamed Human Horn starts solving problems of local villages, uniting them into unions.

35 R.P. : Human Horn starts having local towns and Katmota work together.

36 R.P. : Human Horn begins to attract followers from both human and Katmota.

38 R.P. : Human Horn's group begins to be known as the Rangers, men who go solving disputes and uniting people.

42 R.P. : The Rangers construct a large tower in the center of the planet.

45 R.P. : The Rangers start crusading to unite the world.

70  R.P. : The last city falls and the Rangers unite Christana.

1 N.D. : The 4 Katmota cities and 7 Human cities all pledge allegiance to Human Horn with the capital being the tower in the center.

5 N.D. : The Act of Codes are set in place giving all settlements much freedom but a set of rules that they are never allowed to violate.

7 N.D. : The Ranger Order is given the mission to maintain law in the land and snuff out bandits. The Ranger Order is also recognized as the only official global military force that represents the planet as a whole.

10 N.D. : Human Horn places 3 people in charge of government, a  robot, a Katmota and a Human.

13 N.D. : The Rangers led by Human Horn capture Paris I but at the price of Human Horn's life.

30 N.D. : The first space ship capable of galactic travel is constructed and set on a mission to reconnect with the galaxy.

40 N.D. : First contact with pirates leading to the formation of the Free Planet Navy
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Timeline of the Free Planet
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