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 Military of the State of Heraklea

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PostSubject: Military of the State of Heraklea   Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:19 pm


As Heraklea is a military state, defining where the military ends and the rest of the government begins.  The Heraklean State Navy, which includes the Heraklean State Marine Corps, represents the main body of the combat capability of Heraklea, but members of the different branches/corps form integral parts of various military assets.  The HSN is headed by the Chief of Naval Operations, who is aided by the Vice Chief of Naval Operations and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy.  The HSN is broken up into a number of different fleets with a variety of responsibilities (for example the First Fleet or Home Fleet is responsible for the defense of the Heraklean System while the Second Fleet is responsible for patrolling near the “south-eastern” frontier).  The navy uses the term “expeditionary” to describe any fleet intended for operations beyond the Heraklean frontier, which results in fleets with the same numbering.  Fleets can be subdivided into task forces, which can be further subdivided into task groups, though these subdivisions are not necessarily used in all fleets.  All fleets are comprised of squadrons which consist of a number of the same class of ship.  Shorthand names for squadrons consist of the first few letters of the type of ship followed by the letters "Ron" and then the squadron number (for example of, Destroyer Squadron One becomes DesRonOne).  Capital ship squadrons are called Battle Squadrons and are shortened to BatRon.  Temporary formations of different ship classes created for specific operations are called flotillas.  Vessels of the HSN use the ship prefix HNS, which stands for Heraklean Naval Ship.

The HSMC, which falls under the HSN, is comprised of numerous divisions with a number of different  responsibilities.  Some divisions exist purely to provide marine compliments to HSN facilities and platforms while others are intended for invasion and occupation of foreign worlds.  Sometimes called “assault” or “expeditionary” division, these invasion divisions have their own fleets and squadrons of troop carriers which have sub-capital ship squadrons attached to them.  Marine compliment divisions largely participate in the naval culture while maintaining a separate marine subculture.  The invasion divisions, on the other hand, form their own cultures unique to each division.  For example, the First Marine Division (The Einherjar) glorifies ancient Earth viking culture by describing the division commander as the Fylkir and the brigade commanders as Jarls, while applying decals of traditional viking imagery.  These unique cultures develop all sorts of traditions and ceremonies separate from those officially endorsed by the State and the HSN.

Additionally, there is Heraklean State Honor Guard, an additional military force that answers directly to the Chief of State.  The Guard consists of the most highly trusted personnel and fulfill the role of of the Chief of States personal body guard,  They provide the security and staff of Kirburg Castle, mobile body guard of the Chief of State (and others deemed of vital importance to the state), and crew the HSS Minerva, the Chief of State's personal flagship.  Regulation requires the Guard provide at least half of the security at any event the Chief of State attends domestically, and at least as many security personnel as the most present from any other state abroad.  This requirement can be waved at the discretion of the Chief of State.

Finally, from worlds occupied by or established as protectorates of Heraklea there are the auxiliaries.  Auxiliary units are comprised of non-Herakleans who have elected to serve the state.  Their responsibilities differ depending on where the auxiliary is stationed.  Those on their own homeworld are used as part of the police force or civil engineering services and the like.  Those assigned to foreign worlds may be used as occupation forces or shock troops to deal with rebellions.  Auxiliaries will also sometimes be used as part of the merchant-marine.  Those who serve in the auxiliaries often find a path to citizenship in Heraklea, and some have risen to high ranks within the state.

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PostSubject: Re: Military of the State of Heraklea   Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:42 am


Heraklean warships have two primary weapon systems: tachyon beam cannons and missiles.  Tachyon beams are highly effective energy weapons capable of ripping through matter.  The beams however have a limited useful range beyond which the tachyon beams cannot be relied upon for primary armaments.  As a result, main cannon tachyon beams are “close range” weapons for the HSN.

As a response to the comparatively short range of the beam cannon, the missiles used by the HSN were developed.  Originally, such missiles only carried nuclear payloads.  A single nuclear strike on an enemy ship would typically be sufficient to guarantee the vessel wold be at least crippled if not outright destroyed, but development of anti-missile defenses meant that the size of salvo required to ensure a hit was increasing.  To answer this problem, the tachyon beam warhead was developed.  Although lacking the same stopping power of a nuclear warhead, beam warheads need not contact with their target to be effective.  Instead they can be “detonated” a distance from their target and still savage the enemy warships.  The next evolution in missile weaponry came with the creation of electronic warfare missiles.  EW warheads are primarily used as penetration aids, helping missiles with more damaging warheads to reach their destination intact.  Other variants attempt to disable the enemy ships sensor and communications suites.  A third variant will broadcast signatures mimicking actual ships instead of missiles.  More recently, Heraklea has developed fractal warheads, which carry up to ten smaller missiles that are launched after separation from the ship, and miniature time-space dilation FTL drives.  The smaller missiles released from a fractal warhead are weaker than larger warheads, but the increased saturation of defenses of the target vessel more than make up for it.  The FTL drives on a missile are far weaker than those on a proper ship, but because of the missiles smaller size the drive need distort much less space and is thus more effective.  Additionally, because any missiles drive is intended to be one time use, limits placed on a ship's FTL drive to prevent burnout are removed to allow for even more FTL acceleration allowing Heraklean missiles to outrun any ship.

Heraklean warships have a number of defensive systems to protect them from enemy attacks.  Counter missiles can destroy incoming enemy missiles long before they enter a range to become dangerous.  Decoys can attract enemy fire by fooling enemy weapon targeting systems and EW can prevent the same targeting systems from locking onto the main warship.  Tachyon beam and mass driver point defense systems can intercept ballistic and missile weapons.  Shields intercept and absorb energy/beam weapons, and can slow ballistic and missile weapons, and finally armored hulls absorb as much damage as they can before allowing enemy weapons from penetrating into the insides of the ship.

Superdreadnaught (SD)
: The main capital ships of the HSN is the superdreadnaught, with the current incarnation being of the Mjolnir class.  Mjolnir class superdreadnaughts are massive behemoths, capable of absorbing and dealing out more pain and destruction than almost any other class of ship in the galaxy.  They are only outclassed in Heraklea by the Minerva class superdreadnaught, of which there is only one known to the galaxy, the HSS Minerva.

Dreadnaught (DN): It has been decades since the last time a dreadnaught keel was laid down, but there are still three squadrons of Pendragon class dreadnaughts attached to the Home Fleet.  They are smaller than the Mjonirs, but are still capable warships.

Battleship (BB): Much as a superdreadnaught is a dreadnaught writ large, so too was the dreadnaught conceived as a battleship writ large.  The battleship is no longer used in the HSN, and its note is included here for completeness of historical record, as well as the fact that several were converted into museums at their decommissioning.

Battlecruiser (BC): The battlecruiser is the most powerful of the sub-capital ships in the HSN's arsenal.  They are used as the central elements of heavy patrols, as escorts for marine troop carriers, and to fill gaps in a wall of battle.  The current incarnation of the Heraklean battlecruiser, the Italia class, is the preferred tool of force when a capital ship is not warranted.

Heavy Cruiser (CC): Heavy cruisers are the compromise between strength and agility for warships.  They are used as heavy scouts and escorts for trade convoys.  They are also occasionally used as independent scouts.  Heavy cruisers are the eyes of battle fleets, and they serve their purposes well.

Light Cruiser (CL): Light cruisers are agile and deadly.  They have the weaponry to make their attacks hurt, and the speed to get away after if need be.  Light cruisers operates as often alone as they do with their squadron.  They can serve as scouts, patrols, convoy escorts, raiders and numerous other roles.

Destroyer (DD): A Dire Wolf class destroyer is the smallest of the HSN's hyper-capable warships.  They are also faster than any other.  They serve as scouts and patrols for smaller formations but are little used in great battles except to slightly strengthen salvos and defensive networks.

Q-Ship: Heraklea has used Q-ships since its founding.  Originally they were merchantmsn that were purchased or captured and then re-purposed as warships.  After Heraklea had her own shipyards, Q-ships were purpose built to be disguised warships (as opposed to armed merchantmen).  The current generation of Q-ships are highly modular and can be customized to suit their mission.  The primary modules are weapons, marines and cargo space (as it turns out, foreign system guards are very suspicious of merchantmen that don't load and/or unload cargo).  Q-ships are used for commerce raiding, anti-piracy, foreign intelligence gathering and surprise attacks.

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PostSubject: Re: Military of the State of Heraklea   Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:58 am


├FIRST FLEET (Home Fleet)
│├23rd BATTLE SQUADRON (BatRonTwenty-Three)
││├HNS Narayanastra (SD 126)
││├HNS Sharur (SD 174)
││├HNS Ukonvasara (SD 212)
││├HNS Vajra (SD 165)
││├HNS Asi (SD 243)
││├HNS Crocea Mors (SD 247)
││├HNS Harpe (SD 133)
││└HNS Carnwennan (SD 205)
│└24th BATTLE SQUADRON (BatRonTwenty-Four)
││├HNS Gan Jiang (SD 176)
││├HNS Mo Ye (SD 133)
││├HNS Heaven's Will (SD 131)
││├HNS Kladenets (SD 145)
││├HNS Kusanagi No Tsurugi (SD 132)
││├HNS Totsuka No Tsurugi (SD 241)
││├HNS Jokulsnaut (SD 136)
││└HNS Caladbolg (SD 241)

├1st MARINE DIVISION (The Einherjar)
│├HNS Valhalla (TC 72)
│├HNS Odin's Table (TC 74)
│├HNS Glasir (TC 75)
│├HNS Eikthyrnir (TC 77)
│├HNS Heidrun (TC 83)
│└HNS Bifrost (TC 92)
├2nd MARINE DIVISION (The Legion)
├3rd MARINE DIVISION (Neptune's Chosen)
├5th MARINE DIVISION (The Orc Horde)
├7th MARINE DIVISION (The Magnificent Seventh)
├8th MARINE DIVISION (The Ouroboros)
└9th MARINE DIVISION (The Archangels)

└HSS Minerva
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PostSubject: Re: Military of the State of Heraklea   

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Military of the State of Heraklea
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