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 The Khroniktan Alliance economy

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The Khroniktan Alliance

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PostSubject: The Khroniktan Alliance economy   Sun May 05, 2013 1:57 pm



The Aryites are renowned for their masonry, craftsmanship, and architecture, and are highly sought after for their skills. The vast amounts of ore, stone, and jewels harvested from the Lionheart mines along with the lumber and skins from the jungles near Tigrisa fuel the thriving industry in Lion’s Mane City. What surplus they have in raw materials and manufactured goods (such as weapons, armor, tools, jewelry, and etc.) are exported through the Tigrisa sea port.

Currency: Shelan (singular); Shelim (plural); a silver coin. Worth approximately $15.

Economy Type: Free Market.

Economic Tendencies: Capitalist

Primary trade goods: Furs, literature, raw materials, and artistic trinkets
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The Khroniktan Alliance economy
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