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 Refugian Boom of 2287

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PostSubject: Refugian Boom of 2287   Fri May 03, 2013 4:39 pm

The Haven, Refuge, M. Y. 2287

~Peacekeeper's Newslink is a free, nonprofit service brought to your Network Node by the Peacekeeping Forces to strengthen the cause of democracy and freedom on Chiron~

Over a year after the settlement of the planet Refuge, the new colony has come to experience a massive economic and agricultural boom. With efficient agricultural methods from Chiron like the use of Rainfall Condensors and farm designs maximized for efficiency transported to the rich soils of Refuge and allowed to expand with few limits, food production has massively swelled, already more than 50% of the food production of Chiron itself and its orbital hydroponic farms. Why? The economic policies on Refuge make it cheap to expand, and labor is constantly being added through immigrants both from Peacekeeper bases but also those of other factions and even a few foreigners. It is also far easier to terraform the surface of Refuge compared to Chiron, and the superior soil quality allows for much easier growing.

The predicted result of the Refugian Boom, as it has been so dubbed, is sustained population increase on Chiron with the increased flow of resources and expected future expansion for purposes of both agriculture and industrial exploitation on a massive scale.
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Refugian Boom of 2287
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