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 Farewell to the Dreadnoughts

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PostSubject: Farewell to the Dreadnoughts   Mon Apr 15, 2013 7:22 pm

The Ordenreich military has just announced the discontinuation of the Dreadnoughts and Ultra-Dreadnoughts in the Ordenreich military. Current Dreadnought count is at 46 and ultra-Dreadnought count is at 13 with the last one ever built being finished in two months. The Ordenreich military has announced in the interest of public relations and the economy the Ordenreich would never build beyond its current count of dreadnoughts and ultra-dreadnoughts again which will stand at 60 with the finishing of the last ultra-dreadnought in two months time. The Ordenreich military has claimed to reasons for the discontinuation of this class. One, the cost and time associated with these ships of war is way too demanding. Building an ultra-dreadnought is a time-consuming and costly affair and they cannot be replaced when they are destroyed. The second reason is the recent battle versus the Hildenburen. That battle taught the Ordenreich an important lesson of space combat. That lesson was the Hildenburen took the brunt of the Ordenreich's arsenal and it barely left a dent, however, fighter and bomber forces proved the deciding factor in the battle as they were able to slip inside the Hildenburen's shields and attack the undefended hull. The Ordenreich has decided to flip military production from dreadnoughts and ultra-dreadnoughts to carriers. Carriers are much cheaper and take less time to build and they can remain far from the battle using their fighters and bombers to do the dirty work. This would minimize the treat to losing the ship. The Ordenreich says that it wouldn't throw away the dreadnoughts and ultra-dreadnoughts entirely, they would still be maintained as the command and control and heavy hitters of the Ordenreich fleet but production would be limited to the 46 dreadnought and 14 ultra-dreadnought limit they set for themselves.
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Farewell to the Dreadnoughts
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