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 A Peacekeeper Analysis on the Disposition of Memes and Memeplexes in Chiron and the Larger Korel Galaxy

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PostSubject: A Peacekeeper Analysis on the Disposition of Memes and Memeplexes in Chiron and the Larger Korel Galaxy   Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:57 pm

[This analysis, published in 2287 for the consumption of the high-level officials of the Peackeeping Forces, details various memes and the collections of them known as memeplexes present on Chiron and in Korel. It begins with an overview of the dominant memeplex for each Centauri faction, before it moves on to foreign memeplexes, and the compositions of them and threat posed by them. Though incomplete, it reveals some information on how the Peacekeepers see their fellow factions and the galaxy at large.]

Centauri Factions and their Memeplexes

Faction: The Peacekeeping Forces.
Memeplex: Charterism.
Definition: Charterism is made up of numerous memes mostly revolving around the UN Charter. In Charterism, the UN Charter is held sacrosanct and a strict application of it is used in matters concerning human rights and war crimes. Additionally, those who adhere to Charterism believe in the preservation of the UN Charter to whatever extent possible, only changing it when absolutely necessary to fit the times, and the continuation of the legacy of the United Nations of Old Earth and that of its principles, especially those outlined in the UN Charter. Also, Charterism encourages deep intellectual study, of works of past and present authors, as well as the creation of art and other works of culture.

Faction: The Human Hive.
Memeplex: Obliteration of Self.
Definition: Obliteration of Self is a complicated memeplex dealing with the teachings and beliefs of the Human Hive's founder, Chairman Shen-ji Yang. In the memeplex, the importance of the group dwarfs greatly that of the individual. Adherents are expected to sacrifice personal gain for the gain of the group. Additionally, Obliteration of Self includes memes concerning transcendent states of mind, believing that individuals should not be bound by flesh and bone and embrace ultimate truths. They also adhere to certain Ascetic Virtues in which they minimize consumption and waste to reach a belief in a higher state of being found in asceticism.

Faction: The Spartan Federation.
Memeplex: Social Survivalism.
Definition: Social Survivalism is a memeplex based in the teachings of an earlier Spartan Federation that emphasized taking all possible measures to ensure one's survival. On Chiron, the memeplex was developed to one that focused on the measures a society must take to ensure its survival. Social Survivalism's elements include the tolerance of military discipline, readiness for war at all times, tolerance for harsh surroundings, and minimization of frivolous economic activity. In many ways, it is also based on past teachings of military organizations, possibly more so than the tenets of of the past survivalism memeplex.

Faction: The Lord's Believers.
Memeplex: Belief.
Definition: Belief is the name that has been assigned to the memeplex of the Lord's Believers, based both on the previous memeplex of Christianity but also with numerous elements introduced by Sister Miriam Godwinson. In Belief, the power of faith is held to be ultimate, and adherents are taught to be intolerant to non-Believers and that the power of God will ultimately lead all of them to salvation. In Belief, zealous following of religious leaders is highly encouraged and Believers are instructed to avoid a variety of behaviors dubbed sinful, such as dabbling in scientific matters without approval, the accumulation of wealth, and physical pleasure of a variety of forms. However, there is also an encouragement in the performance of good works and the assistance of those who are needy whenever possible, which is considered to be a pious action.

Faction: The University of Planet.
Memeplex: Technorapturism.
Definition: Technorapturism is the name assigned to the philosophy officially adhered to by both faculty and students of the University of Planet, stemming from Academcian Zakharov's personal beliefs on technology. In the memeplex, the development of new technology is held to be the first and foremost priority, and in order to facilitate it free sharing of information between individuals in encouraged. Ultimately, it is believed that the new level of technology will allow humanity to end suffering and scarcity as it knows it, under the direction of powerful intelligences to guide further progress. In order to accomplish this goal, however, all manner of sacrifices are authorized and the University of Planet gives no concern to experimentation on the lower classes if it believes it will lead to scientifically valid research.

Faction: Gaia's Stepdaughters.
Memeplex: Gaianism.
Definition: Gaianism is the name for a large collection of beliefs held by Gaia's Stepdaughters, derived mostly from works of both fiction and nonfiction of Lady Diedre Sky. In Gaianism, the sanctity of biological systems is held first and foremost, and they believe in the preservation of the native environment whenever possible and the avoidance of pollution. They also believe in the superiority of biological systems to technological ones, and also in the inherent aesthetic beauty in nature. They also believe strongly in cooperation of the Planetmind, and that the native life of Chiron is not harmful as many others believe but is instead worthy of co-existance and utilization, and as such they perform the breeding of Mind Worms, a practice that other factions are rarely agreeable to due to the nature of Mind Worms both as pests and dangers.

Faction: Morgan Industries.
Memeplex: Morganite Corporate Philosophy.
Definition: Morganite Corporate Philosophy is quite similar to the philosophies that corporations on Old Earth operated under, though much more comprehensive. In the memeplex, an emphasis exists on "free markets" (a dubious term on Chiron), consumption, unchecked expansion of industry, and dedicated employment to Morgan Industries. Additionally, it suggests in general that there should be a focus on the present, and not on the future, and as such it encourages the opposition of environmentally friendly economic systems. In many ways it is meant to encourage the enrichment of employees of Morgan Industries, but those who control it receive much more of said enrichment than those who it employs.

Foreign Nations and their Memeplexes

Due to the lack of names for foreign memeplexes, as far as has been ascertained, descriptions are given only. Some polities have been more completely studied than others, and this analysis lists only those that have experienced consistent contact with the Planetary Governate.

Polity: The Confederated States of Rhea.
Description: The Rhean memeplex seems to be a collection of memes mostly derived from classical liberalism as described by Enlightenment-period philosophers on Old Earth and more modern strains of libertarianism. This manifests in beliefs of limited governmental power, especially as liberties are concerned. Although somewhat conservative socially, a strong emphasis is held on economic freedoms, and as such the Rhean memeplex includes strong beliefs in property rights, laissez-faire economics, and in general the superiority of their own economic systems to foreign ones. Additionally, wealth as held by leaders of large corporations is glorified in the memeplex, with wealthy and powerful CEOs quite dominant in society due to the relatively weak government.
Threat Assessment: The Rheans do not appear to be very missionary in nature, and as such the threat of subversion by Rhean actors is considered to be minimal. However, because of differences of memeplex, conflicts can arise such as that of Port Garland recently.

Polity: The Imperial Republic of Rutianas.
Description: Due to the recent lack of communications from Rutianas and involvement in foreign affairs due to a lasting civil war, the Rutian memeplex has not been extensively studied. However, it is known that there is a strong militaristic emphasis and military discipline is held in all levels of society. Their memeplex also encourages monarchism and in general supports the continued rule of their royal family under their Emperor, Shein Darson. Their memeplex also draw from socialism, as has been seen in their economic system, wherein the government (and the military) is heavily involved in all forms of economic activity. Finally, their memeplex draws from Classical mythology wherein the Helenistic Pantheon is revered and held to be active powers.
Threat Assessment: Though the ideas espoused within the memes are somewhat dangerous, the Rutians have not been active within the galactic community for some time and as such threat of subversion is considered to be nonexistent.

Polity: The Motherland of Burnination.
Description: In spite of continued contact with Burnination, little is known of the Burnite memeplex. Some who have studied the Burnites have found information in the Greater DataLinks, or Galactic Web, detailing their belief in something known as "The Warp". Perhaps this is their memeplex: too little is known at this time. Their memeplex either is or draws from this set of religious beliefs which allege that in the past, technologies led to the corruption of their souls and led to the coming of a being known as Slaanesh. Additionally, a Trickster god of some kind is revered by them in "The Warp", having evaded Slaanesh. In the recent past they have apparently defeated this being and have climbed to new technological heights, similar to what is desired in the Technorapturism memeplex: again, too much is uncertain, however.
Threat Assessment: The threat of subversion is nonexistent, with the Burnites being too alien for that possibility to exist. Potentially they could use superior technology to entice subversion, but their own memeplex discourages it, much to our relief.

Polity: The Dominion of Veridia Prime.
Description: Of all of the foreign polities that the Planetary Governate has been in contact with, the Veridian Dominion has demonstrated the most advanced level of memetic engineering, though their methods are somewhat cruder than those practiced on Chiron. In their memeplex, which is well-documented due to a wealth of available evidence, memes are drawn from prior memeplexes of nationalism, militarism, xenophobia, and capitalism. The advancement of the Veridian Dominion is given first priority, and along with it the establishment of "order", as opposed to "chaos" as found in the rest of the galaxy. Dissent is not tolerated, and the memeplexes encourage Veridians demonstrate self-interest, self-preservation, and self-pleasure. Finally, the memeplex draws from a religion called the Philosophate; that region emphasizes accumulation of knowledge to find a higher truth.
Threat Assessment: At the present time, the threat of subversion is low, however an analysis would indicate that their threat is the most. Of all the polities, they are the only to use memetic engineering and should this capability be developed there could be significant threat.

Polity: The Heirarchy of the OrdenReich.
Description: Though the newest emerged polity in the galactic community that has taken an active role, the OrdenReich memeplex is fairly well documented. Studies of their culture would indicate that their memeplex draws from xenophobia: they have repeatedly demonstrated mistrust in foreign actors and a belief in independence. In the most extreme form, this has culminated in the like of Peter Jager, a former member of their Council who committed heinous war crimes. Additionally, they demonstrate elements drawn from the militarism memeplex, as their military is held to be first and foremost. They also appear to draw from the memeplex of Roman Catholicism, a subset of the Christian memeplex, which is their state religion and suffuses much of their social milieu. Finally, they seem to draw from the nationalism memeplex, holding the unity of their polity first and foremost.
Threat Assessment: The threat of subversion posed by the OrdenReich is very low. They lack techniques of memetic engineering, and do not have the technological and sociological background to properly study it. However, as a rising, nationalistic power, we must remain wary of new developments in their polity.
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A Peacekeeper Analysis on the Disposition of Memes and Memeplexes in Chiron and the Larger Korel Galaxy
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