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 An Abridged History of the Planetary Governate of Alpha Centauri from a Peacekeeper Perspective

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PostSubject: An Abridged History of the Planetary Governate of Alpha Centauri from a Peacekeeper Perspective   Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:00 pm

(OOC: Yes, I finally wrote this. Also, this is more or less meant to be read in-character and it is something that the Peacekeepers would publish to brainwash, err, memetically engineer their citizens.)

Political Map of Chiron:

What is the Planetary Governate of Alpha Centauri? Strictly speaking, the Planetary Governate is meant to be the supreme authority on Alpha Centauri, but such is not the case. Historically the Planetary Governate has had little power, and only in recent years has it become of any importance, thanks to the laws passed by the Planetary Council of the seven factions enabling Governor to co-ordinate forces in times of war and establish a space fleet, as well as act as the primary diplomatic representative of the factions of Alpha Centauri. But how did this all come to be? One must start from the very beginning, from the UNS Unity.

In the final days of Earth, the UNS Unity represented a last-ditch effort of humanity to save itself by sending its best and brightest to the nearby binary system of Alpha Centauri while cryogenically frozen. In the last leg of the journey, however, the vessel began to fall apart as it was only constructed barely well enough to survive the journey and the vessel fell to chaos shortly after Captain Garland, the leader of the expedition, was killed by an unknown assailant. It is suspected that the then-Executive Officer Shen-ji Yang may have had a major role in this, and that Santiago and her Spartan Federation followers aboard the vessel had attempted to separate in the final leg of the journey, however this became rather irrelevant in the chaos that followed.

There were seven colony pods prepared, and each one found itself under the control of one leader who would forever shape the history of Chiron as they now each led one of seven factions vying for control over Alpha Centauri. Chairman Shen-ji Yang, of the Hive, founded on authoritarian and communal principles, founded The Hive on the side of Mount Planet, the sole location of volcanic activity on Chiron. CEO Nwabudike Morgan, of Morgan Industries, actually a stowaway on the vessel who had his own seat built in, founded Morgan Industries in the energy-rich Uranium Flats. Sister Miriam Godwinson of the Lord's Believers founded New Jerusalem on the Sunny Mesa, and from then often colloquially called the city on the hill. Colonel Corazon Santiago founded Sparta Command near Garland Crater, a source of materials that would later fuel the Spartan war machine. Lady Diedre Skye's faction, Gaia's Stepdaughters, found their base of Gaia's Landing near a wealth of ancient Progenitor structures - though at the point they were not aware of their origin - the Borehole Cluster, and the Ruins, the cluster of ancient monoliths. Academician Prokhor Zakaharov also founded University Base near an ancient Progenitor site, the now famous Manifold Six, a site that had once been a center of Progenitor research.

And, of course, the Peacekeeping Forces, under Commissioner Pravin Lal, found themselves founding U.N. Headquarters not far from the UNS Unity wreckage, as well as near the nutrient rich so called "Monsoon Jungle", even though it was neither a jungle nor watered by monsoons. For some time, the factions developed in peace, though there were certainly clashes in the new power void for Chairman Yang claimed that as the second most senior officer on the UNS Unity he should have become the leader of the factions, but the Peacekeeping Forces, as the legitimate successor of he ideals of the United Nations denied this. It was not the only conflict, for there were many on other matters. There was a state of Vendetta between the University and the Believers that almost resulted in the destruction of the University until the Peacekeepers intervened, thus creating a friendship with the University that lasted until this day. The Gaians engaged in a secret war with the Spartans in which they used captured and trained Mind Worms to attack Spartan bases, which later resulted in many Gaian bases being captured and forcing them to flee to uninhabited continents when they were discovered. And from all this, Morgan Industries often found itself making Treaties of Friendship and profiting within the state of constant conflict. Lal found himself Planetary Governor for most of this time, for he received many votes and had support from numerous factions, mainly the University, Gaians, and Morgan Industries, though at this time the position was very close to being powerless.

However, all this ended when the Progenitors came. The story of the Progenitors is long and complicated, enough so that it warrants it's own history, but essentially the Progenitors knew of the great power in the awakening Planetmind and had developed into two factions competing based on ideological differences - the Manifold Usurpers, who wished to harness the Planetmind for it's own purposes, led by Conquerer Judaa Marr, and the Manifold Caretakers, led by Guardian Lular H'minee who wished to restore Planet to its original state... which entailed, besides the defeat of the Usurpers, the annihilation of all human bases on Planet. Though they came only with one colony each, as they were last spark of a distant war that had reduced the Progenitors to almost nothing, much like ourselves at that moment, the Progenitor factions developed rapidly in power for they had significant understanding of technology far beyond us and had abilities to perceive "resonance fields" that gave them combat advantages. They also had an unusual system where their base facilities generated energy as opposed to requiring energy to maintain, which gave them a significant advantage.

For a while, there was an uneasy state where the factions continued their conflicts and at the moment were willing to coexist with the Progenitors, they developed astoundingly rapidly and worryingly. This ultimately led to the Progenitor War, the last war that took place entirely of Chiron, involving the struggle against the Progenitors as a simple matter of survival for humankind. The war was bitter and difficult, and many factions lost great numbers of soldiers and even civilians, seeing as biochemical incompatibilities forced citizens to attempt to escape bases when either Progenitors or humans captured them, and were often destroyed indiscriminately when it happened. Though some historians from the Spartan Federation, the Human Hive, and the Lord's Believers like to whitewash history in saying that the Progenitors had committed genocide on humanity, the reverse was more than often true. The war eventually culminated in the most devastating event in Centauri history, and all factions must admit that they had an equal part in it.

This event was the development of Planet Busters and the usage of said Planet Busters to destroy the last Progenitor bases in the final days of the war. Though some like to blame the University of Planet for having developed them first and being the first to use them, the number they actually used was not as large as one might think, and the brunt of them were launched by the Spartan Federation, in all actuality. However, by the end of the war, all factions had used them at least once against the Progenitors, including, regrettably, our own faction. After the Progenitor War and the annihilation of the Progenitors on Chiron, the factions entered in an uneasy peace, and since then all factions have not ever openly gone to war, though there were some close moments. However, only a few decades after the end of the Progenitor War, and the creation of new techniques and vessels allowing the Planetary Governate to take to the stars and encounter new polities and advance even further, as well as pass new political reforms conferring numerous powers to the Planetary Governate, another terrible war took place, the Sith War.

The Sith War had unfortunate repercussion for most of the civilized galaxy, but especially among the Centauri, as the newest spacefaring power and the least capable of defending itself. Sith forces invaded Alpha Centauri almost unimpeded, and captured a great number of bases, while assaulting Planet herself as the terrible Darth Morbus used dark Force powers to drain the very essence of the Planetmind, though she managed to recover quickly from the aid of Empaths from every faction. In addition, the Sith vessel the Ravager led by the Darth Lanius (now the reformed Spartan Jedi Johan Luther) and the aforementioned Darth Morbus almost even captured Commissioner Lal in a raid and capture of U.N. Headquarters. The Sith also attempted to force a surrender shortly after by razing two of the most populous bases on Chiron, U.N. Humanity Base and U.N. Haven City, and would have razed more if not for the prompt intervention of forces from Burnination and Rhea. Without the aid of the Motherland of Burnination and the Confederated States of Rhea, there would have been little doubt that Chiron would have suffered greatly, even more than the great losses suffered in reality.

After the Sith War, development became a major goal, as the entire planet found itself in the position of rebuilding. One major event was the construction of a spaceport around the orbit of Chiron by Kuat Drive Yards, a spaceport recently transferred to the control of the Planetary Governate, and now called Port Garland. It is a major center for construction of the vessels of the constantly expanding and improving Space Fleet of the Planetary Defense Force, as well as a major center for trade and logistics. The Planetary Governate also took up a major role in galactic affairs and established relations with various polities, such as the Veridian Dominion which they encountered shortly after the Sith War. There have been less proud moments too, however, such as the Port Garland Crisis. In any case, one can see that the Planetary Governate, going forth, shall be a major force in the Korel Galaxy.

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PostSubject: Re: An Abridged History of the Planetary Governate of Alpha Centauri from a Peacekeeper Perspective   Fri Nov 09, 2012 12:59 am

Ravager. In any case, very well written. I have got to redo my history on my NS Wiki page, especially to make it less preachy about economics.
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An Abridged History of the Planetary Governate of Alpha Centauri from a Peacekeeper Perspective
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