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 Withdrawal of Ordenreich units from the galaxy

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PostSubject: Withdrawal of Ordenreich units from the galaxy   Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:26 pm

All across the galaxy the Ordenreich's military units began withdrawing to the Ordenreich home systems. No excuse or explanation was given. Everything from stealth ships and scouts to heavily armed fleets were being withdrawn to the Ordenreich home systems.

*Ordenreich fleet attached to Coalition fleets orbiting Kotalia*

Message Incoming
Priority: ***URGENT***
Sender: Ordenreich Strategic Space Command (O.S.S.C)
Subject: Orders
Receiver: Knight Commander Heinrich, Commanding Officer, Ordenreich 1st Field Fleet
Message Begins

Initiate Operation: Fatherland

-Hochmeister Paul III von Guelderlaand, Overseeing: O.S.S.C

*Without explanation or warning the fleets of the Ordenreich helping the coalition defend Kotalia broke formation and began heading for the edge of the of Kotalia's gravity well to leave the Kotalia system*

(OOC: IF you want to RP this for whatever reason you can RP from Kotalia or to the galaxy in general I don't care)
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Withdrawal of Ordenreich units from the galaxy
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