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 New Earth Embassy to Korel

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PostSubject: New Earth Embassy to Korel   Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:16 am

Hello Korel. Many of you know me as An572. I am a friend of most of you and a roleplayer to others. I have been away for some time due to politics well the "Politics" I speak of was a as you can say civil war inside New Earth. You may think of New Earth as a raider region but hear me out. As a one of my many orders as High King of New Earth I wish to start a Embassy from New Earth to Korel. My government and I think it would be a good choice. Perhaps we can exchange Role Play? Our PMT with your FT? And we can aid each other in many ways. New Earth is rebuilding after a year long civil war. Me returning cut the head off the snake you can say. New Earth is growing fast since my return as well so its only a matter of time before were back to normal. We have a new forums set up and a new government. Half of our region is away for training as we speak There learning new skills to become great nations. I understand New Earth is greatly "looked down on" Due to its past. But I can tell you with me as High King of New Earth there will be changes. Thank You for reading this message.

Me and my Government look forward to your reply. king

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New Earth Embassy to Korel
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